Zamy Steynovitz Cause of Death: The Mystery Behind a Peaceful Painter’s Demise

Zamy Steynovitz, a Polish-born Israeli painter, was found dead in his home in Tel Aviv on September 1, 2000. He was 49 years old. His death was ruled as a suicide by the police, who found a note and a gun near his body. However, his family, friends, and fans were shocked and puzzled by his death, as he seemed to have a happy and successful life, and showed no signs of depression or distress. Zamy Steynovitz’s death remains a mystery, and a tragic end for a man who dedicated his life and art to the cause of peace.

A Childhood of Art and War

Zamy Steynovitz was born in Legnica, Poland, on January 15, 1951, to Jewish parents who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. He was interested in painting from an early age, and won a prize in a children’s art competition when he was six. In 1957, his family immigrated to Israel, where he continued to develop his artistic talent. He studied art at the Tel Aviv Art School and the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He also served in the Israeli army during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, where he witnessed the horrors of war and violence.

A Career of Creativity and Peace

Zamy Steynovitz established himself as a successful and popular painter, who exhibited his works in many countries around the world. He was influenced by the style of Marc Chagall, and his paintings featured colorful and whimsical scenes of nature, love, Jewish tradition, and peace. He often used symbols such as flowers, birds, stars, and clocks to convey his messages and emotions. He also created a series of paintings titled “For Peace and Love in the World”, which he dedicated to the Nobel Peace Prize winners of 1978, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin. He met both leaders and presented them with his paintings, as well as other prominent figures such as the Dalai Lama, Elie Wiesel, and Desmond Tutu. He was a peace activist, who supported various humanitarian causes and organizations, such as Project Linus, Quilts of Valor, and Quilts for Kids.

A Mystery with No Explanation

Zamy Steynovitz’s death was unexpected and unexplained. He was found dead in his studio, with a gunshot wound to his head. The police found a note that read “I love you all, Zamy”, and a gun that belonged to him. They did not find any signs of foul play, and concluded that he committed suicide. However, his family, friends, and fans did not believe that he would take his own life, and speculated that there might be other reasons or factors behind his death. They said that he was happy and fulfilled, and that he had no personal or financial problems. They said that he was planning to marry his girlfriend, and that he had many projects and plans for the future. They said that he was a cheerful and optimistic person, who loved life and art. They said that they were devastated and confused by his death, and that they could not understand what happened or why.

Zamy Steynovitz’s death left a void in the art world, and he was mourned by his colleagues, his students, and his fans. He was remembered as a talented and generous person, who had a passion for art and peace. He was honored for his achievements and contributions to the art and peace movements, and his legacy lives on in his paintings, books, and prints. He was a peaceful painter, who died in a mysterious and violent way.