Young King Dave Cause of Death: The Legacy of the Doink King

Who was Young King Dave?

Young King Dave, whose real name was David James Nixon, was an internet sensation who rose to fame for his viral videos of smoking weed and making witty observations. He was also an aspiring rapper who made music with his friends in his hometown of Middletown, New Jersey. He passed away on May 17, 2018, at the age of 19, leaving behind a loyal fan base and a unique cultural impact.

How did Young King Dave become famous?

Young King Dave became famous for his catchphrases and his trademark term “doink” for a large joint. He posted videos of himself on social media, inviting people to hang out with him and smoke some “loud” or high-quality weed. He also commented on the weather, nature, and life in general, with a humorous and laid-back attitude. One of his most popular videos was “Smokin’ Doinks in Amish”, where he claimed to be smoking big joints in an Amish community. His videos were widely shared and remixed, and he gained millions of views and followers.

What was Young King Dave’s cause of death?

His manager and childhood friend, Chris Clemenza, told Vice that Young King Dave had been in the hospital for weeks, recovering from his condition. He also said that Young King Dave always wanted to be famous and make people laugh, and that he was proud of his viral fame. A GoFundMe campaign was set up in his honor, to cover funeral costs and donations to the Make a Wish Foundation.

How did the internet and the music industry react to Young King Dave’s death?

Many celebrities and fans expressed their condolences and tributes to Young King Dave and his family on social media. Some of the notable figures who sent their messages included Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, and Post Malone. A prayer vigil was held for Young King Dave at his high school football field, where hundreds of people gathered to honor his memory and celebrate his life. His music collaborators also released a song in his honor, titled “YKD”. Young King Dave was praised for his originality, his humor, and his positivity.

Young King Dave was more than just an internet star. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and a rapper. He was a person who inspired others with his creativity, his charisma, and his kindness. He will be remembered as a legend and a hero by his family, his fans, and his community. Rest in peace, Young King Dave.