Vincent Fleck Cause of Death: How a Triathlete Lost His Life in a Tragic Accident

Vincent Fleck, a 69-year-old triathlete from Mount Kisco, New York, died on August 7, 2016, after he was rescued from the water during a triathlon on Long Island. The cause of his death was not officially confirmed, but it was suspected that he either drowned or suffered a medical event while swimming. His death shocked and saddened the triathlon community, who remembered him as a passionate and dedicated athlete.

Who was Vincent Fleck?

Vincent Fleck was born on June 15, 1947, in New York City. He graduated from Fordham University with a degree in accounting and worked as a certified public accountant for many years. He was married to Mary Ann Fleck, and they had three children and four grandchildren.

Fleck was an avid sportsman who loved running, biking, and swimming. He started competing in triathlons in his 50s and completed more than 100 races, including several Ironman events. He was a member of the Westchester Triathlon Club and the Westchester Cycle Club, and he often volunteered as a coach and mentor for other triathletes. He was known for his enthusiasm, generosity, and kindness.

What happened to Vincent Fleck?

Vincent Fleck was participating in the Smith Point Sprint Triathlon, a race that consisted of a 500-meter swim, a 16-kilometer bike ride, and a 5-kilometer run. The event took place at Smith Point County Park in Shirley, Long Island, on August 7, 2016.

According to the authorities, Fleck was in distress during the swim portion of the race, which took place in Narrow Bay. A lifeguard noticed him and brought him to a rescue boat, where he received first aid. He was then transported to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue, where he was pronounced dead.

The exact cause of Fleck’s death was not publicly disclosed, but it was speculated that he either drowned or had a heart attack or a stroke while swimming. The Suffolk County Medical Examiner was expected to perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

How did Vincent Fleck impact the triathlon community?

Vincent Fleck’s death was a tragic and unexpected loss for the triathlon community, especially for his family, friends, and fellow athletes. Many of them expressed their condolences and tributes on social media, recalling his achievements, personality, and spirit.

Some of the messages that were posted online were:

  • “Vincent was a great friend, mentor, and inspiration to many of us. He was always smiling, always positive, always encouraging. He will be greatly missed.”
  • “Vincent was one of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met. He was always willing to help others, whether it was with training, racing, or anything else. He was a true gentleman and a role model.”
  • “Vincent was a legend in the triathlon world. He was an amazing athlete who never gave up, no matter how hard the challenge. He was an inspiration to all of us who love this sport.”


Vincent Fleck cause of death was a sad and unfortunate event that took the life of a beloved triathlete. He was a talented and passionate athlete who competed in more than 100 triathlons, including several Ironman events. He was also a kind and generous person who coached and mentored other triathletes. He will always be remembered as a hero and a friend by the triathlon community. Rest in peace, Vincent Fleck. You will be missed.