Vicky Lyons Forensic Files Cause of Death: A Mystery Unsolved

The Accident

Vicky Lyons was a four-year-old girl who was playing in the parking lot of the Big Spring Herald newspaper in Texas in 1980, when she was hit by a truck and left with severe head and eye injuries. The driver of the truck fled the scene and was never identified. The police arrested a local fish peddler and minister named J.B. Hardeman, who was seen nearby, but he was later cleared of any involvement. The police then dropped the case, considering it a civil matter.

The Investigation

Vicky’s mother, Crystal Lyons, was determined to find the culprit and bring him to justice. She took matters into her own hands and collected tire impressions from the trucks parked in the newspaper’s lot, using shoe polish and typing paper. She then contacted Pete “Sherlock” McDonald, a former Firestone designer and forensic tire expert, who agreed to help her. He compared the tire marks on Vicky’s face to the impressions Crystal had made and concluded that the truck that hit Vicky belonged to the newspaper itself. However, he could not pinpoint the exact driver or vehicle, as there were several trucks with the same tires.

The Outcome

Crystal Lyons sued the newspaper for negligence and wrongful death, but the case was dismissed by the judge, who ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove that the newspaper was responsible for the accident. Crystal appealed the decision, but the higher court upheld the dismissal. She never received any compensation or closure for her daughter’s ordeal.

The Aftermath

Vicky Lyons survived the accident, but she suffered from permanent physical and mental disabilities. She spent three weeks in a coma and had to relearn how to walk and talk. She also lost vision in one eye and had facial deformities. She faced many challenges and hardships throughout her life, but she also found joy and passion in wrestling. She became a professional wrestler and a diva for the Highspots Wrestling School of Charlotte, N.C. She died in 2011 at the age of 34, from a possible aneurysm, according to some sources. Her cause of death remains unclear and unconfirmed.