Vicky Lyons Big Spring Cause of Death: A Tragic Story of Survival and Loss

The Accident that Changed Her Life

Vicky Lyons was a four-year-old girl who lived in Big Spring, Texas, in 1980. One day, she accompanied her mother, Crystal Lyons, to her workplace at the Big Spring Herald newspaper, where she was told to play outside in the parking lot. There, she was hit by a truck and left with severe head and eye injuries. The driver of the truck fled the scene and was never identified.

Vicky was in a coma for three weeks and suffered permanent brain damage that affected her speech, memory, and motor skills. She also lost her left eye and had to wear a prosthetic one. She underwent several surgeries and therapies to recover from her injuries, but she never regained her full abilities.

The Quest for Justice

Crystal Lyons was determined to find the driver who hit her daughter and bring him to justice. She used her own forensic skills to collect tire impressions from the trucks in the parking lot and compare them to the marks on Vicky’s face. She also contacted a tire expert named Pete McDonald, who helped her narrow down the possible suspects.

After years of investigation, Crystal Lyons discovered that the truck that hit Vicky belonged to the Big Spring Herald itself, and that the driver was one of her co-workers. However, by the time she had enough evidence to file a lawsuit, the statute of limitations had expired and the case was dismissed. Crystal Lyons never gave up on her quest, but she never got the closure she deserved.

The Wrestling Career

Despite her disabilities, Vicky Lyons did not let her accident define her. She pursued her passion for wrestling and became a professional wrestler in the mid-2000s. She trained at the Highspots Wrestling School in Charlotte, North Carolina, and performed under the name Vicky Vette. She participated in several matches and won the admiration of her fans and peers.

Vicky Lyons enjoyed wrestling and found it a way to express herself and overcome her challenges. She was known for her resilience, strength, and positive attitude. She inspired many people with her story and her spirit.

The Untimely Death

Vicky Lyons passed away on June 9, 2011, at the age of 34. The exact cause of her death is unclear, but some sources suggest that she may have suffered from an aneurysm, which is a rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. She was survived by her mother, her brother, and her extended family and friends.

Vicky Lyons was a remarkable woman who faced many hardships in her life, but never gave up on her dreams. She left a lasting legacy of courage, determination, and joy. She will always be remembered and missed by those who knew and loved her