Vanna Bonta Cause of Death: A Mysterious End for a Multitalented Artist

Vanna Bonta was an American writer, actress, and inventor, who was best known for her novel Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, her cameo role in The Beastmaster, and her invention of the 2suit, a garment designed to facilitate sex in space. She was also one of the few poets whose haiku was launched to Mars on the NASA spacecraft MAVEN in 2013. But how did Vanna Bonta die, and what was the mystery surrounding her death?

A Life of Creativity and Adventure

Vanna Bonta was born on April 3, 1953, in Clarksville, Tennessee, to a military officer father and a painter mother. She was of partial Italian descent, and her grandfather was Luigi Ugolini, a Florentine knight and a friend of Mussolini. She grew up traveling the world, learning languages, and developing a passion for literature and art. She started writing poetry and fiction at the age of six, and published her first poem in a newspaper at the age of 12.

She pursued a career in acting and voice acting, appearing in various movies and TV shows, such as The Beastmaster, Beauty and the Beast, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. She also wrote and directed her own short films, such as The Love of Books and The Universe of Poetry. She was married to Allen Newcomb, a computer engineer and musician, who collaborated with her on several projects.

She achieved fame and recognition as a novelist, with her debut work Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, published in 1995. The novel was praised as the first definitive work of quantum fiction, a genre that explores the implications of quantum physics on reality and human perception. The novel was a blend of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and satire, and featured a protagonist who travels across parallel worlds in search of his true love.

She was also an inventor, who came up with the idea of the 2suit, a flight suit that can be attached to another 2suit to allow two or more people to stay close to each other in microgravity environments. The 2suit was mainly intended to enable sex in space, but also had other potential applications, such as medical, recreational, and emergency uses. She tested the 2suit in zero gravity, and appeared on the History Channel’s The Universe series to talk about her invention and the future of human colonization in space.

She was also a poet, who wrote haikus and other forms of poetry. One of her haikus was among the top five selected to be launched to Mars on the NASA spacecraft MAVEN in 2013. The haiku was:

30,000 feet
One breath
Taking me closer to Mars

A Death Shrouded in Secrecy

Vanna Bonta died on July 8, 2014, at the age of 61, in her home in Los Angeles. The cause of her death was not publicly disclosed, and her obituary did not mention any details about her illness or funeral arrangements. Her death was announced by her husband on her official website, with a brief statement that read:

Vanna Bonta passed away peacefully on July 8, 2014. She was a beautiful soul who shared her wisdom and love with everyone. She will be greatly missed by her family, friends, and fans.

The mystery surrounding her death sparked speculation and rumors among her fans and the media. Some speculated that she died of a rare disease, or that she was involved in a secret experiment, or that she was murdered by someone who wanted to steal her inventions or silence her voice. Some even suggested that she faked her death and escaped to another dimension, as her novel Flight implied.

However, none of these theories were confirmed or denied by her family or her representatives, who remained silent and private about her death. Her official website was taken down shortly after her death, and her social media accounts were inactive. Her fans were left with no answers, only questions and memories of her life and work.

A Legacy of Inspiration and Innovation

Vanna Bonta was a multitalented and adventurous artist, who explored various fields and genres, and created original and innovative works. She was also a visionary and a humanitarian, who advocated for peace, love, and harmony among all beings. She inspired and influenced many people with her words, her voice, her inventions, and her spirit.

She was, in the words of her husband, “a beautiful soul who shared her wisdom and love with everyone”. She was, in the words of her fans, “a legend, a genius, a star”.

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