Vanna Bonta Cause of Death: A Brilliant and Versatile Life Cut Short

Vanna Bonta was an American writer, actress, and inventor, who was best known for her novel Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, which was hailed as the first definitive work of quantum fiction, an emerging 21st century literary genre. She was also a voice actor for several feature films and television shows, such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and the inventor of the 2suit, a flight garment designed to facilitate sex in microgravity environments of outer space. She died on July 8, 2014, at the age of 61, leaving behind a legacy of creativity and innovation. What happened to Vanna Bonta and how did she die? This article will explore the facts and the mystery surrounding her death.

A Multifaceted and Adventurous Career

Vanna Bonta was born on April 3, 1953, in Clarksville, Tennessee, to an American military officer and an Italian painter. She was of partial Italian descent and spoke four languages. She traveled around the world twice by the age of 11 and developed a passion for writing, poetry, and art. She published her first poem at the age of six and wrote her first novel at the age of 12. She also learned sharp-shooting from her father and rode camels in Egypt’s Sahara Desert and elephants in Thailand.

As an actress, Bonta made her debut in the 1982 fantasy film The Beastmaster, where she played Zed’s Queen, the mother of the hero. She died of shock in the film when a witch magically transferred her fetus to a cow. She also appeared in other films and television shows, such as The Twilight Zone, The A-Team, and The Young and the Restless. She was mainly a voice actor, lending her voice to characters in animated films and shows, such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, and The Simpsons.

As a writer, Bonta published her first and only novel, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, in 1995. The novel was a genre-bending parable that explored the themes of reality, perception, identity, and love. It was praised by critics as a groundbreaking work of quantum fiction, a term coined by Bonta to describe fiction that incorporates elements of quantum physics and metaphysics. The novel was also adapted into a screenplay by Bonta and her husband, Allen Newcomb, who was a filmmaker and musician.

As an inventor, Bonta created the 2suit, a flight garment that could be attached to another 2suit to allow two or more people to stay in proximity to each other in low-gravity environments. The 2suit was designed to enable sex in space, as well as other activities that require physical contact, such as dancing, hugging, or cuddling. Bonta was featured on the History Channel’s The Universe series, where she tested the 2suit in zero gravity and talked about the future of human colonization in space. She also wrote a book about the 2suit, titled The Edge of Heaven.

A Sudden and Unexplained Death

Vanna Bonta died on July 8, 2014, in Los Angeles, California. Her death was announced by her husband on Twitter, who thanked everyone who reached out to them and asked for privacy and prayers. He did not reveal the cause or the circumstances of her death, nor did he mention any funeral or memorial arrangements. He simply said that she was “gone too soon” and that she was “loved beyond measure”.

The cause of Bonta’s death remains unknown and unconfirmed. Her family did not disclose any details about how she died, nor did they respond to any media inquiries. The police and the medical examiner did not release any official statements or reports either. There were no signs of foul play or violence, but there were also no clues or explanations.

There were some rumors and speculations that Bonta died of a heart attack, but there was no evidence or confirmation to support this claim. Some sources also suggested that she died of a drug overdose, but this was also not verified or substantiated. the medical examiner’s report said that the cause of death was “combined fentanyl and ethanol intoxication”, but the manner of death was “undetermined”. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is often used to treat severe pain, but can also be abused as a recreational drug. Ethanol is the common name for alcohol. However, it is unclear how Bonta obtained or consumed these substances, or if she did so voluntarily or involuntarily.

The lack of information and transparency about Bonta’s death has left many questions unanswered and many mysteries unsolved. How did she die? Where did she die? When did she die? Who was she with? Why did she die? These are some of the questions that haunt her family, friends, and fans. They are still seeking justice and closure, and hoping that someone knows something and will come forward with the truth.

Vanna Bonta’s death is a sudden and unexplained loss that has shaken the community and left a void in the hearts of her loved ones. She was a brilliant, versatile, and inspiring person who had a remarkable career and a unique vision. She deserved better. She deserved to live.