Tony Canzoneri Cause of Death: The End of a Boxing Legend

Tony Canzoneri was one of the greatest boxers of all time, who held world titles in three different weight classes. He was known for his speed, skill, and durability, as well as his charismatic personality and popularity among fans. He fought some of the best fighters of his era, such as Barney Ross, Lou Ambers, and Benny Bass, and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. However, his life was cut short by a heart attack at the age of 51. In this article, we will explore the cause of death of Tony Canzoneri and the legacy he left behind.

Who Was Tony Canzoneri?

Tony Canzoneri was born on November 6, 1908, in Slidell, Louisiana, to Italian immigrants. He started boxing at the age of 14, and turned professional in 1925. He won his first title, the NBA bantamweight championship, in 1927, but lost it the same year. He then moved up to the featherweight division, and won the world title in 1928, by defeating Benny Bass by a 15-round decision.

Canzoneri became the world lightweight champion in 1930, by knocking out Al Singer in the first round, in what was the fastest knockout in the history of the division. He also won the world junior welterweight title in 1931, by knocking out Jack Kid Berg in the third round. He was one of the few boxers who held two world titles simultaneously, and defended them both several times.

Canzoneri regained the world lightweight title in 1935, by beating Lou Ambers by a 15-round decision, in a tournament to determine the successor of Ross, who had moved up to the welterweight division. He defended the title once, but lost it again to Ambers in 1936, by a 15-round decision. He challenged Ambers for the third time in 1937, but lost again by a 15-round decision.

How Did Tony Canzoneri Die?

After retiring from boxing, Canzoneri worked as a referee, a radio commentator, and a boxing instructor. He also appeared in a few movies, such as The Milky Way (1936), The Kid from Brooklyn (1946), and The Harder They Fall (1956). He was married to Mildred Canzoneri, and had two children, Tony Jr

Canzoneri suffered from heart problems in his later years, and died of a heart attack on December 9, 1959, in Manhattan, New York. He was 51 years old.

What Was Tony Canzoneri’s Legacy?

Tony Canzoneri was one of the most accomplished and admired boxers of his generation, and of all time. He was a three-division world champion, who fought in 175 bouts, and faced 18 world champions. He was known for his courage, determination, and sportsmanship, as well as his charm, wit, and generosity. He was a fan favorite, who drew large crowds and received many accolades. He was voted as the Fighter of the Year by The Ring magazine in 1930 and 1931, and was ranked as the 12th greatest fighter of all time by historian Bert Sugar.

Tony Canzoneri was a boxing legend, who left a lasting impression on the sport and the fans. His cause of death was a tragic end to a brilliant career and a remarkable life.


Tony Canzoneri cause of death was a heart attack, which claimed his life at the age of 51. He was one of the greatest boxers of all time, who held world titles in three different weight classes, and fought some of the best fighters of his era. He was a popular and respected figure, who was admired for his skill, courage, and personality. He was a hall of famer, who was ranked among the best fighters of all time. Tony Canzoneri cause of death was a sad loss of a boxing legend.