Toker Brownside Cause of Death: The Unsolved Mystery of a Chicano Rap Pioneer

Toker, whose real name was Gilbert Izquierdo, was a founding member of Brownside, a Chicano rap group that was signed by Eazy-E in 1993. He was known for his hardcore and authentic lyrics, his loyalty and friendship, and his advocacy and support for the Latino community. He passed away on October 10, 2018, in Rosarito, Mexico, at the age of 51, leaving behind his son Lorenzo, his parents, six siblings, and nineteen nieces and nephews.

A Life of Music and Struggle

Toker was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, where he witnessed the harsh realities of gang violence, poverty, and racism. He joined the Eastside Trece gang at a young age, and was involved in several conflicts and shootings. He was also arrested and incarcerated several times, but he never gave up on his dreams of becoming a rapper.

Toker met Eazy-E, the founder of Ruthless Records and N.W.A, in 1992, and impressed him with his rap skills and charisma. Eazy-E decided to create a Chicano version of N.W.A, and formed Brownside with Toker, Danger, and Wicked. They released their debut album, Eastside Drama, in 1997, after Eazy-E’s death in 1995. The album was a success, selling over 500,000 copies and earning a gold certification. It featured songs such as “Gangsters Point of View”, “Life on the Streets”, and “Vatos ‘N the Varrio”.

Brownside continued to release music, such as Payback in 1999, The Take Over in 2006, and Bangin’ Story’z in 2016. They also collaborated with other artists, such as Kokane, B-Real, and Lil Rob. They gained a loyal fan base, especially among the Chicano and Latino audiences, who related to their stories and messages. They also faced some controversy and criticism, as some accused them of glorifying gang culture and violence.

Toker was also a family man, who loved his son, Lorenzo, and his parents, who supported him throughout his career. He also had a strong bond with his siblings and cousins, who were also involved in the music industry. He was a generous and humble person, who helped others in need and donated to various causes. He was also a proud and vocal advocate for the Latino community, who spoke out against injustice and discrimination.

A Mysterious and Tragic Death

Toker’s death was announced by his family and friends on social media, who expressed their shock and sadness. They said that he died in Rosarito, Mexico, where he had a house and often visited. They did not reveal the cause of death, but asked for respect and privacy during this difficult time.

However, there were rumors and speculations that Toker was killed in Mexico, possibly by a rival gang or a drug cartel. Some claimed that they saw reports of his death in local newspapers, while others said that they heard it from reliable sources. Some also said that Toker had enemies and threats in Mexico, and that he was involved in some shady business. However, none of these claims were confirmed or verified by any official or credible source.

Toker’s family and friends denied the rumors, and said that they were false and disrespectful. They said that Toker died of natural causes, and that he had no problems or issues in Mexico. They said that he loved Mexico, and that he was happy and peaceful there. They also said that he was not involved in any illegal or dangerous activities, and that he was a good and honest person.

Toker’s death remains a mystery, as no official or definitive information has been released or revealed. His fans and followers are still waiting for answers and closure, as they mourn and celebrate his life and legacy.

A Legacy of Respect and Influence

Toker left behind a legacy of respect and influence, as well as a huge impact on the Chicano rap scene and culture. He was a pioneer and a legend, who inspired and entertained millions of people with his unique voice and perspective. He was also a loyal and caring friend, who supported and mentored many artists and musicians. He was also a loving and devoted father, son, brother, and uncle, who cherished and protected his family.

Toker’s music and message live on, as his songs and albums continue to be played and streamed by his fans and admirers. His story and vision also live on, as his son, Lorenzo, and his cousins, Klever and Trouble, carry on his legacy and continue his work with Brownside. They also plan to release a documentary and a biopic about Toker’s life and career, according to their social media posts.

Toker’s Instagram page is still online, but it is unclear how long it will remain active. His family has asked for privacy and respect during this difficult time.