Thomas Bonnecarrere Cause of Death: A Tribute to the F1 Cameraman

Thomas Bonnecarrere was a French cameraman who worked for several motorsport series and championships, including Formula 1. He was known for his professionalism, humor, and passion for racing. He died tragically on May 25, 2021, at the age of 49. What was the cause of his death and how did his colleagues and friends react to the news? Here are some facts and details about Thomas Bonnecarrere's cause of death and his legacy.

## Thomas Bonnecarrere's Early Life and Career

Thomas Bonnecarrere was born in December 1972 in Marans, France. He was the son of Jacques Bonnecarrere, the producer of the AutoMoto show, and Mireille Audibert, a famous actress. He grew up in a family with a strong connection to the automobile industry, which influenced his career choice.

Thomas started working as a cameraman in the late 1990s, covering various motorsport events and series. He worked for Canal+, TF1, Eurosport, and Netflix, among other media outlets. He was involved in the World Touring Car Championship, World Endurance Championship, TCR Series, and MotoGP, as well as Formula 1. He was also a member of the crew of Automoto, a popular program on TF1.

Thomas was respected and admired by his colleagues and peers for his skills, creativity, and dedication. He was also known for his friendly and cheerful personality, and his love for animals and nature. He had a daughter named Camille, who was his pride and joy.

## Thomas Bonnecarrere's Death and Funeral

Thomas Bonnecarrere died on May 25, 2021, in Los Angeles, California. The exact cause of his death is not clear, but some reports suggest that he died in an accident[^1^][1] [^2^][2]. He was in the United States to work on the Netflix series Drive to Survive, which documents the behind-the-scenes stories of Formula 1 drivers and teams.

Thomas's death was a shock and a loss for his family, friends, and the motorsport community. Many people paid tribute to him on social media and in interviews, expressing their sadness and condolences. Among them were Marion Jolles Grosjean, the wife of former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean, who was a close friend of Thomas and worked with him on Automoto. She wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram, saying that she met Thomas 20 years ago and that he was like a brother to her. She also said that he was a talented and generous person, who always had a smile on his face[^3^][3].

Thomas was buried in France, in a private ceremony attended by his family and close friends. His grave has an inscription that reads: "Beloved Son, Brother, Father, Friend. You are so loved and missed."

## Thomas Bonnecarrere's Legacy and Tribute

Thomas Bonnecarrere's legacy lives on through his work and his memories. His family and friends remember him as a wonderful and kind person, who had a passion for his job and his hobbies. His fans and viewers appreciate his contribution to the motorsport industry, and his ability to capture the emotions and the action of the races.

Thomas was honored by Netflix in the second episode of the fourth season of Drive to Survive, which was released on March 11, 2022. The episode, titled "Ace in the Hole", featured a tribute to Thomas at the end, with a message that read: "In memory of Thomas Bonnecarrere, 1972-2021. A valued member of the Drive to Survive team and a friend to many in the Formula 1 paddock. He will be greatly missed."[^4^][4]

Thomas Bonnecarrere was a talented and beloved cameraman, who had a bright future ahead of him. His death was a tragic loss for his family and the motorsport world. He will always be remembered and cherished by those who knew him.