Theresa Parker Cause of Death: A Mystery Unsolved

Theresa Parker was a 911 dispatcher who went missing in 2007. Her skeletal remains were found three years later near a river in Georgia. But what caused her death? And who was responsible for it? These are the questions that still haunt her family and friends, as well as the investigators who worked on her case.The Disappearance of Theresa ParkerTheresa Parker was last seen leaving her sister’s house on March 21, 2007. She was 41 years old and worked as an emergency dispatcher for Walker County in northwest Georgia. She was in the process of divorcing her husband, Sam Parker, a former police sergeant who had a history of alcohol and domestic abuse. Theresa had told her sister that she was going to pick up some clothes from the home she shared with Sam, and then stay at a friend’s house. She never arrived at her friend’s house, and her car was later found abandoned at a nearby parking lot.The next day, Sam Parker reported her missing to the authorities. He claimed that he had no idea where she was, and that they had a cordial relationship despite their separation. However, the investigators soon became suspicious of him, as they found evidence of blood and a struggle at their home. They also learned that Sam had been having an affair with another woman, and that he had threatened to kill Theresa several times. Sam Parker became the prime suspect in Theresa’s disappearance, but he denied any involvement and maintained his innocence.The Conviction of Sam ParkerThe case of Theresa Parker attracted a lot of media attention, as hundreds of people searched for her and prayed for her safe return. Her family and co-workers held vigils and rallies, hoping to find some clues or answers. But for three years, there was no sign of Theresa or her body. The authorities had a hard time building a case against Sam Parker, as they lacked any physical evidence or eyewitnesses that could link him to the crime. They relied mostly on circumstantial evidence, such as phone records, witness statements, and Sam’s erratic behavior.In 2009, Sam Parker was arrested and charged with murder, even though Theresa’s body had not been found. The prosecution argued that Sam Parker had killed his wife with a chokehold, and then disposed of her body somewhere. They presented testimonies from Sam’s former colleagues, who said that he had bragged about knowing how to kill someone and make it look like an accident. They also played recordings of Sam’s phone conversations with his mistress, in which he expressed his hatred for Theresa and his desire to get rid of her. The defense, on the other hand, claimed that there was no proof that Theresa was dead, and that she could have run away or met with foul play from someone else. They suggested that Sam was a victim of a witch hunt, and that the investigators had ignored other leads and evidence.The trial lasted for two weeks, and the jury deliberated for four hours. They found Sam Parker guilty of murder, and he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Sam Parker continued to profess his innocence, and appealed his conviction several times. He said that he loved Theresa, and that he hoped that she would be found alive someday.The Discovery of Theresa Parker’s RemainsIn September 2010, a farmer in Chattooga County, Georgia, stumbled upon a jawbone while looking for driftwood near the Chattanooga River. He reported his discovery to the sheriff’s office, who then contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The investigators searched the area, and found more bones scattered along the riverbank. They also recovered some personal items, such as a ring and a watch, that belonged to Theresa Parker. Dental records confirmed that the remains were indeed hers, and her family was notified of the tragic news.The discovery of Theresa Parker’s remains brought some closure to her loved ones, who had been waiting for years to know what happened to her. They were finally able to hold a funeral for her, and pay their respects. However, the discovery also raised more questions, such as how she died, and how her body ended up in that location. The forensic experts examined her bones, but they could not determine the cause of death, due to the advanced state of decomposition. They could not rule out any possibility, such as homicide, suicide, or accident. They also could not explain how her body traveled from Walker County to Chattooga County, which are about 25 miles apart. The investigators speculated that her body could have been carried by the river, or dumped by someone.The discovery of Theresa Parker’s remains also vindicated the jury that convicted Sam Parker of her murder. They felt that they had made the right decision, based on the evidence and the testimony that they had heard. They said that they were sorry for Theresa’s family, and that they hoped that they could find some peace and justice. Sam Parker, however, did not change his stance, and insisted that he had nothing to do with Theresa’s death. He said that he was sorry that she was gone, but that he did not kill her.The Mystery of Theresa Parker Cause of DeathTheresa Parker’s case is one of the most baffling and controversial cases in Georgia’s history. It involves a missing person, a murder conviction, and a body that was found years later. It also involves a lot of unanswered questions, such as what caused Theresa Parker’s death, and who was responsible for it. Was it Sam Parker, her estranged husband, who had a motive and a history of violence? Or was it someone else, who had a grudge or a random encounter with her? Or was it an accident, that had nothing to do with anyone? These are the questions that still haunt the investigators, the jurors, the family, and the public, who have followed this case for over a decade.Theresa Parker’s cause of death remains a mystery, and it may never be solved. But her life and her legacy are not forgotten. She is remembered as a loving mother, a devoted sister, a loyal friend, and a dedicated dispatcher, who helped many people in need. She is also remembered as a victim of a crime, that took her away from her loved ones, and left them in pain and sorrow. She is also remembered as a symbol of hope and justice, that inspired many people to seek the truth and fight for what is right. Theresa Parker’s cause of death may be unknown, but her story is not.