The Tragic Fate of Valerie Jones: How the Jones Girls Singer Died Twice

Valerie Jones was a talented singer who was part of the Jones Girls, a sister group that sang backup vocals for some of the biggest names in Motown, such as Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Lou Reed. She also had a successful career as a solo artist, with hits like “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else” and “Nights Over Egypt”. But her life was cut short by two tragic accidents that claimed her life twice.

The First Death: A Heart Attack at 45

Valerie Jones died on December 2, 2001, in Detroit, Michigan, at the age of 45. She was at her mother’s home when she suffered a heart attack and collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late to save her. Her death shocked and saddened her fans and fellow musicians, who remembered her as a shy but sweet and talented singer.

Valerie Jones was born on March 17, 1956, in Detroit, Michigan. She was the youngest of three sisters, Shirley and Brenda, who formed the Jones Girls in the early 1970s. They started singing in church and local clubs, and soon caught the attention of Motown legend Diana Ross, who hired them as her backup singers. They toured with Ross for several years, and also worked with other Motown stars like Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, and The Temptations.

In 1979, the Jones Girls signed with Philadelphia International Records, and released their self-titled debut album, which was a huge success. They had several hits, such as “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else”, “Who Can I Run To”, and “I Just Love The Man”. They also collaborated with other artists, such as Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls, and Betty Everett. They were known for their harmonies, their soulful vocals, and their glamorous style.

Valerie Jones was considered the shy member of the group, who never wanted to sing lead and preferred to stay in the background. She also decided to go to college and study business, while pursuing her music career. She had a son, PJ, who was her pride and joy.

The Second Death: A Car Accident at 61

According to Wise Answer2, Valerie Jones died again on April 3, 2017, in Wilmington, Delaware, at the age of 61. She was visiting her daughter, who lived in the city, and was hit by several cars and killed while attempting to cross the street. The drivers who hit her did not stop and fled the scene. The police launched an investigation, but no arrests were made.

Valerie Jones had survived her first death, and had come back to life after being declared dead in 2001. She had a near-death experience, where she saw a bright light and heard a voice telling her to go back. She woke up in the hospital, and was amazed to find out that she had been dead for several minutes. She said that she felt a new appreciation for life, and that she wanted to share her story with others.

She wrote a book about her experience, called “Back From The Dead: My Miraculous Recovery From A Heart Attack”. She also resumed her music career, and released a new album, called “Alive And Well”. She reunited with her sisters, and performed at several concerts and festivals. She also became a motivational speaker, and gave talks about her faith, her recovery, and her message of hope.

She was happy and healthy, and looked forward to spending more time with her family and friends. She had a daughter, who was also a singer, and a granddaughter, who was her joy. She said that she felt blessed and grateful, and that she had no fear of death.

But fate had other plans for her, and she met her second and final death in a tragic and senseless way. She was crossing the street, on her way to meet her daughter, when she was struck by multiple cars that did not stop to help her. She died instantly, and her body was left on the road. Her daughter was devastated, and said that she could not believe that her mother was gone again.

Valerie Jones was mourned by her family, her fans, and her fellow musicians, who remembered her as a beautiful and talented singer, a loving and caring mother, and a brave and inspiring woman. She left behind a legacy of music, a testimony of faith, and a story of resurrection. She died twice, but she lived fully.