The Tragic Death of Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser, the Wife of a Famous Entrepreneur

Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser was the wife of Robert Dekeyser, a Belgian-German entrepreneur and former footballer who founded DEDON, a successful outdoor furniture company. She died unexpectedly in 2010, leaving behind her husband and three children. This article will explore the cause of death of Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser and how her family coped with the loss.

Who Was Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser?

Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser was born in 1966 in Germany. She met Robert Dekeyser in 1989, when he was playing as a goalkeeper for TSV 1860 München. They fell in love and married in 1990

Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser supported her husband’s career as a footballer and later as an entrepreneur. She helped him establish DEDON, a company that produces high-quality outdoor furniture made from synthetic fibers. She also shared his passion for philanthropy and social causes.

Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser was described by her husband as a “beautiful, cheerful, and warm-hearted” woman, who was always optimistic and full of energy. She loved sports, nature, and traveling

How Did Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser Die?

On October 20, 2010, Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser was exercising at a gym in Hamburg, Germany, when she suddenly collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. She slipped into a coma and never regained consciousness.

The cause of her brain hemorrhage was unknown. According to her husband, she had no previous health problems or risk factors. She was fit and healthy, and had no signs of stress or fatigue.

Robert Dekeyser was in the Philippines at the time of her death, working on a project for his resort, DEDON ISLAND. He received the devastating news from his sister, who called him while he was on the beach. He immediately flew back to Germany, but he was too late to say goodbye to his wife.

How Did Robert Dekeyser and His Children Cope with the Loss?

The death of Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser was a huge shock and a terrible blow for Robert Dekeyser and his children. They had to face the reality of losing their beloved wife and mother, who had been the center of their lives.

Robert Dekeyser said that he felt like he had lost his soulmate, his best friend, and his partner in everything. He said that he had to learn to live without her, and to find a new meaning and purpose in his life. He said that he tried to stay strong for his children, and to keep the memory of his wife alive. He said that he found comfort and support in his family, his friends, and his faith. He said that he also found solace in his work, his hobbies, and his philanthropy.

The children of Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser also had to cope with the loss of their mother, who had been their role model and their inspiration. They said that they missed her every day, and that they wished she could see them grow up and achieve their dreams. They said that they were proud of their mother, and that they wanted to make her happy. They said that they were grateful for the time they had with her, and for the love and the lessons she gave them. They said that they also found strength and hope in their father, their siblings, and their extended family.


Ann-Kathrin Dekeyser was a remarkable woman, who lived a full and happy life. She was a loving wife, a caring mother, and a generous person. She died unexpectedly and tragically, leaving behind a grieving family and a lasting impression.