The Mysterious Death of Mills Darden: The World’s Largest Man

Mills Darden was an American giant who lived in the 19th century. He was reportedly 7 feet 6 inches tall and weighed over 1,000 pounds. He was one of the biggest humans to have ever lived, but his life and death are shrouded in mystery.

Who was Mills Darden?

Mills Darden was born in 1799 in North Carolina. He was a farmer and later opened a tavern and inn in Lexington, Tennessee. He had a large appetite and ate enormous amounts of food. His coat took 13 ½ yards of fabric to make. He had a wife and several children, who were also large, but not as huge as him. He was not proud of his size and avoided publicity. He refused to step on a scale or pose for a photograph. no known verifiable photo of him remains.

How did Mills Darden die?

Mills Darden died on January 23, 1857, at the age of 57. The cause of his death is unknown, but it is likely that he suffered from health problems related to his extreme size. Some sources suggest that he had a glandular disorder that caused his abnormal growth. Others speculate that he had a heart attack, a stroke, or an infection. his funeral was attended by the masonic fraternity, who buried him in a specially made coffin. His grave, and his wife’s, have been restored by the local Development Authority.

Why is Mills Darden’s death mysterious?

Mills Darden’s death is mysterious because there are few reliable records or accounts of his life and death. Most of the information about him comes from newspaper articles, anecdotes, and legends that were written after his death. Some of these stories may be exaggerated or inaccurate. For example, some sources claim that he weighed as much as 1,993 pounds, which is unlikely. Others claim that he was twice as big as André the Giant, which is also doubtful. The exact location of his grave is also uncertain, as there are conflicting reports about where he was buried. Some say he was buried in Lexington, Tennessee, while others say he was buried in Henderson County, Tennessee.


Mills Darden was a remarkable man who lived a quiet and uneventful life. He was the world’s largest man, but he did not seek fame or fortune. He died in 1857, but his death remains a mystery. His legacy lives on as one of the most fascinating figures in human history.