The Mysterious Death of Chris Putnam, the Hacker Who Pranked Facebook

Chris Putnam was a young and talented hacker, who became famous for his prank on Facebook in 2008. He hacked the social media site and changed the profiles of thousands of users to look like MySpace pages. He also created a virus that spread the hack to other users. He was caught by Facebook and hired by them as a software engineer. But how did he die at the age of 37? And what was the cause of his death?

Chris Putnam’s Early Life and Career

Chris Putnam was born on September 2, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was interested in computers and hacking from an early age. He attended Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied computer science. He dropped out of college in 2006 and moved to San Francisco, where he worked as a freelance web developer and hacker.

In 2008, he pulled off one of the most notorious pranks in the history of Facebook. He hacked the site and changed the profiles of about 30,000 users to look like MySpace pages, complete with glittery backgrounds and music players. He also created a worm that spread the hack to other users who visited the infected profiles. He claimed that he did it for fun and to test the security of Facebook.

However, his prank did not go unnoticed by Facebook. Instead of suing him or arresting him, Facebook offered him a job as a software engineer. He accepted the offer and moved to Palo Alto, California, where he worked for Facebook until 2010. He then left Facebook and joined Oculus VR, a virtual reality company, as a senior engineer. He worked on the Oculus Rift, a popular VR headset, until 2014.

Chris Putnam’s Death and Cause

Chris Putnam died on March 5, 2020, in San Francisco, California. The cause of his death was not publicly disclosed, but some sources suggest that he had health problems related to his weight and diabetes. He was survived by his wife, Jennifer, and his two children, Ethan and Emma.

Chris Putnam’s death was a shock and a loss for the tech industry, especially for his colleagues and friends at Facebook and Oculus. He was remembered as a brilliant, creative, and fun-loving person, who had a passion for hacking and technology. He was also a loving husband and father, who cared deeply for his family.

Chris Putnam will always be remembered as one of the most influential and innovative hackers and engineers of his generation. He left behind a legacy of amazing and groundbreaking products, projects, and pranks, that will continue to inspire and entertain future generations.