T-Roy Cause of Death: A Tribute to a Hip Hop Dancer and Pioneer

Who was T-Roy?

T-Roy, whose real name was Troy Dixon, was a hip hop dancer and member of the group Heavy D and the Boyz from 1987 to 1990. He was born in Mount Vernon, New York, in 1967 and grew up with his brother WC, who was also a rapper and part of the group WC and the Maad Circle. T-Roy was known for his charisma, energy, and skills on the dance floor. He was also a cousin of Pete Rock, a legendary producer and DJ.

How did T-Roy die?

He was on tour with Heavy D and the Boyz in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was playing around with his friends on a raised exit ramp outside the Market Square Arena. He got on the ledge to avoid a trash barrel that someone pushed down the ramp, but he lost his balance and fell from about two stories high. He was rushed to the hospital, but he did not survive the injuries. His death was ruled an accident.

How did the hip hop world honor T-Roy?

T-Roy’s death shocked and saddened the hip hop world, especially his friends and fellow artists. Heavy D and the Boyz dedicated their next album, Peaceful Journey, to his memory in 1991. The album featured a song called “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” by Pete Rock and CL Smooth, which was a tribute to T-Roy and his legacy. The song sampled a saxophone riff from Tom Scott’s “Today” and became a classic and influential hip hop track. The song also inspired other artists to pay homage to T-Roy, such as Nas, Common, and Kendrick Lamar.

T-Roy was also remembered by his fans and the hip hop community as a pioneer and a legend. He was one of the first hip hop dancers to showcase his talent and style on a national and international level. He was also a role model and a friend to many people who admired his personality and passion. He will always be remembered as a part of Heavy D and the Boyz, a rap group that brought joy and positivity to the hip hop scene.


T-Roy cause of death was a tragic loss for the hip hop world and for everyone who knew him. He was a talented and charismatic dancer who contributed to the culture and the industry with his moves and his spirit. He was a loyal friend, a loving brother, and a humble person who touched many lives with his kindness and humor. Rest in peace, T-Roy. You are gone too soon, but never forgotten.