Suzanne Spira Cause of Death: Mystery Surrounds the Wife of Missing Man

Who was Suzanne Spira?

Suzanne Spira was the wife of John Spira, a St. Charles man who disappeared in February 2007 and has never been found. She and John Spira were in the midst of a bitter divorce but still sharing the same home when he vanished. She was also a businesswoman who owned a company called Spira Consulting, which provided marketing and public relations services.

How did Suzanne Spira die?

Suzanne Spira died at age 60 in her home in Orchard Park, NY, in October 2010. Her cause of death has not been publicly disclosed, but some sources have suggested that she had health issues. She was found dead in her apartment by a friend who had not heard from her for a while. the DuPage County Sheriff’s Department, which was investigating John Spira’s disappearance, did not notify his family of Suzanne Spira’s death. His sister, Stephanie McNeil, said she learned of the death from an associate of Suzanne Spira.

What are some of the theories about Suzanne Spira’s death?

Suzanne Spira’s death has raised some questions and speculations among those who followed John Spira’s case. Some of the theories include:

  • Suzanne Spira knew something about John Spira’s disappearance and took it to her grave. McNeil has insisted for years that Suzanne Spira was a person of interest in the investigation and that she was hiding something. She said Suzanne Spira was uncooperative and hostile to her and other relatives who were looking for John Spira. She also said Suzanne Spira had a motive to get rid of John Spira, as he wanted to divorce her and sell their house and business.
  • Suzanne Spira was involved in John Spira’s disappearance and was killed by someone who wanted to silence her. McNeil has also suggested that Suzanne Spira might have had accomplices in John Spira’s case, such as his business partner, David Stubben, who was one of the last people to see him alive.McNeil said Stubben was lying and had something to hide.
  • Suzanne Spira had nothing to do with John Spira’s disappearance and died of natural causes. Some people have argued that Suzanne Spira was innocent and that there was no evidence linking her to John Spira’s case. They said Suzanne Spira was a victim of a tragic situation and that she suffered from the stress and grief of losing her husband. They also said Suzanne Spira had health problems that could have caused her death.

What is the status of John Spira’s case?

John Spira’s case remains unsolved and his whereabouts are unknown. He was 45 years old when he disappeared on Feb. 23, 2007. He was last seen at his cable construction company, Universal Cable, in West Chicago. His car was left in the parking lot. His case has been featured on several media outlets, such as CNN, Dateline NBC, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. His family and friends have organized vigils, searches, and fundraisers to keep his memory alive and to find answers. They have also criticized the DuPage County Sheriff’s Department for its handling of the investigation and its refusal to classify his case as a homicide. They have appealed to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and the FBI for assistance. They have also created a website,, to share information and updates on his case.