Street Outlaws Producer Mike Cause of Death: A Mystery That Shook the Racing World

Who was Mike Helmann?

Mike Helmann was a TV show producer who worked on several popular shows, including Street Outlaws, Garage Rehab, and 24 Hrs to Hell and Back. He was also a friend and supporter of many racers and crews who participated in the Street Outlaws franchise.

Mike Helmann was born on January 18, 1982, and passed away on August 11, 2022, at the age of 40. He was laid to rest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he had many friends and colleagues in the racing community.

Mike Helmann was known for his passion, professionalism, and positivity. He always cared about the people he worked with and treated them like family. He also had a great sense of humor and knew how to have fun on and off the set.

How did Mike Helmann die?

The cause of Mike Helmann’s death is still unknown. His obituary in the New York Times did not mention any details about how he died. It only said that he died suddenly on Thanksgiving Day.

However, some sources have speculated that he may have died from an accident, a heart condition, or a drug overdose. These are only rumors and have not been confirmed by his family or friends.

Mike Helmann’s death was a shock and a tragedy for his loved ones and the Street Outlaws community. He was a beloved and respected member of the racing world, who had a lot of potential and talent. His death left a huge gap that cannot be filled.

What is the legacy of Mike Helmann?

Mike Helmann’s legacy lives on through his work, his memories, and his Go Fund Me page. His website,, showcases some of his projects and achievements as a producer. His family and friends also share their stories and tributes to him on the website.

Mike Helmann’s Go Fund Me page was set up by his parents to honor his memory and to support his family. The page raised over $52,000 from more than 600 donors, who expressed their condolences and gratitude to Mike.

Mike Helmann was a remarkable person who touched many lives with his work and personality. He was a role model and a mentor to many racers and producers, who looked up to him and learned from him. He will be remembered and missed by all who knew him.