Sterling Saint Jacques Cause of Death: The Mystery of the First Black Male Supermodel

Sterling Saint Jacques was a stunning model and actor who rose to fame in the 1970s and early 1980s. He was known for his exotic looks, his charismatic personality, and his lavish lifestyle. He was also rumored to be the son or nephew of the famous actor Raymond St. Jacques, although this was never confirmed. Sterling Saint Jacques was the world’s first black male supermodel, but his life was cut short by a tragic and mysterious death. What was the sterling saint jacques cause of death? And what was his real relationship with Raymond St. Jacques?

The Rise and Fall of Sterling Saint Jacques

Sterling Saint Jacques was born in 1957, but his exact birthplace and origin are unknown. Some sources say he was Jamaican or Brazilian, while others say he was born in Salt Lake City. He was adopted by Raymond St. Jacques, who claimed to be his uncle, but many believe they were actually lovers. Raymond St. Jacques was a successful actor who starred in many blaxploitation films and TV shows. He introduced Sterling to the world of showbiz and helped him launch his modeling career.

Sterling Saint Jacques had a striking appearance, with chiseled cheekbones, smooth chocolate skin, and piercing eyes. He often wore blue contacts to make his eyes more appealing. He modeled for famous designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Willi Smith, and Halston. He also appeared on the covers of magazines like Playmen, an Italian adult entertainment magazine. He walked the runways in Paris and New York, and participated in the historic Grand Divertissement at Versailles in 1973, which marked the ascendency of ready-to-wear over couture.

Sterling Saint Jacques also tried his hand at acting, but he only had minor roles in films like Eyes of Laura Mars, Dinah East, and Sistemo l’America e torno. He was more successful as a dancer, and he loved to frequent the famous Studio 54 disco in New York. He was a regular at the club, where he mingled with celebrities like Bianca Jagger, Tatum O’Neal, Liza Minelli, and Caroline Kennedy. He also dated Pat Cleveland, a fellow model and Ebony Fashion Fair star. They were briefly engaged in 1976, even though Sterling was openly gay.

Sterling Saint Jacques had a reputation for being a party animal and a playboy. He was pursued by rich and powerful men, who showered him with gifts and money. He traveled the world in private jets and stayed in luxurious hotels. He was said to have been the lover of Givenchy, who owned a Swiss castle where Sterling lived for a while. He enjoyed the high life, but he also had a dark side. He struggled with drug addiction and depression, and he felt lonely and insecure.

In the early 1980s, Sterling Saint Jacques moved to Europe to pursue his career as a nightclub DJ and a model. He released a few disco songs, but they were not very successful. He also claimed to the press that he was broke and that he wanted to open a dance studio in Manhattan. However, this never happened, and instead he faded from the public eye. He became isolated and desperate, and his health deteriorated.

The Mystery of Sterling Saint Jacques Cause of Death

Sterling Saint Jacques reportedly died of complications of AIDS in 1984, but his death has never been officially confirmed, and his true fate remains unknown. There are no records of his death certificate, his funeral, or his burial. Some sources say he died in Switzerland, while others say he died in Italy or France. Some say he died alone, while others say he was surrounded by friends. Some say he was cremated, while others say he was buried in an unmarked grave.

The mystery of sterling saint jacques cause of death is compounded by the fact that Raymond St. Jacques, who died of AIDS seven years later in 1991, was seemingly unaware of Sterling’s death. He left a will that stipulated that his “nephew” receive “the sum of $1.00”. He also never mentioned Sterling in any interviews or public statements. It is possible that Raymond and Sterling had a falling out, or that Raymond was in denial about Sterling’s death. It is also possible that Raymond and Sterling were not related at all, and that Sterling was just a lover or a protégé of Raymond.

Sterling Saint Jacques was a trailblazer and a legend in the fashion industry. He was the first black male supermodel, and he inspired many others to follow his footsteps. He was also a complex and troubled person, who lived a glamorous but turbulent life. He died young and mysteriously, and his legacy remains shrouded in mystery. He deserves to be remembered and celebrated for his achievements and his beauty, and to have his story told with respect and accuracy.