Skip Waters Cause of Death: The Unexplained Demise of a Beloved Meteorologist

Skip Waters was a chief meteorologist at News Channel 12 in Eastern North Carolina, where he worked for over 30 years. He was known for his accurate and entertaining weather forecasts, as well as his involvement and support for various community events and causes. He passed away on October 28, 2014, at the age of 61, leaving behind a legacy of professionalism and kindness. But what was the cause of his death? And why has it remained a mystery for so long?

A Family Member Found Him Dead Inside His Church Office

Skip Waters’ death was discovered by a family member who found him dead inside his church office on a Friday morning. He returned home later that night, and went to his church the next morning. He was supposed to officiate a funeral service that day, but he never made it. However, the autopsy results were never publicly released, and the case was closed without any further explanation. The prosecutor’s office did not respond to requests for comment from various media outlets, and the family did not issue any statement or obituary. The mystery surrounding Skip Waters’ cause of death remains unsolved to this day.

A Former Prison Guard Who Became a Prominent Weatherman

Skip Waters’ life story was one of dedication and achievement. He was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he attended a magnet high school and excelled academically and athletically. He moved to New Jersey in 1983, where he worked as a prison guard and a youth counselor. However, he also had a passion for weather, which he pursued by studying meteorology at the University of South Florida. He graduated in 1982, and joined News Channel 12 as a chief meteorologist in April of that year.

Skip Waters was a trusted and respected weatherman, who delivered accurate and informative forecasts for Eastern North Carolina. He was also a charismatic and humorous personality, who entertained and engaged his viewers with his witty and lively style. He was a pioneer of using technology and graphics to enhance his weather presentations, and he was always eager to learn and improve his skills. He was also a mentor and a friend to many of his colleagues, who admired and appreciated his work ethic and his generosity.

Skip Waters was also a loyal and active member of his community, where he participated and supported various events and causes. He was a longtime member of the First Presbyterian Church of New Bern, where he served as an elder and a deacon. He was also involved in many charitable and civic organizations, such as the Colonial Capital Humane Society, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Black Lives Matter movement. He was a frequent guest and host at many local celebrations, parades, and fundraisers. He was loved and respected by many people, who valued his service and his spirit.

A Lasting Legacy and Inspiration

Skip Waters’ cause of death may be unknown, but his legacy is clear and undeniable. He touched and inspired countless people with his professionalism and kindness. He was a dedicated and prominent weatherman, a loyal and active community member, and a loving and generous family man. He was a man of faith, integrity, and humor, who made a positive difference in the world.

Skip Waters’ family and friends continue to mourn and honor him, by remembering and celebrating his life and achievements. They also support and comfort each other, through their grief and their joy. They are grateful for the time and the love they shared with him, and they look forward to seeing him again someday. They are proud to be part of his legacy, and they hope to make him proud as well.