Skibadee Cause of Death: The Legacy of a Drum and Bass Legend

Who was Skibadee?

Skibadee, whose real name was Alphonso Bondzie, was a British recording artist and drum and bass MC. He started his career on pirate radio in 1993 and went on to perform with artists such as Shy FX, Harry Shotta and Stevie Hyper D. He was known for his double-time “speed rap” delivery, which had a major impact on the sound of British rap. He was also the founder of the S.A.S.

How did Skibadee die?

Skibadee died on February 27, 2022, at the age of 47, his family announced on Facebook. No cause of death was given, though some sources claimed that he died from a drug overdose, while others speculated that he committed His death was a shock to his fans and colleagues, who remembered him as a talented and kind person.

What was the impact of Skibadee’s death?

Skibadee’s death was mourned by many fans and fellow artists, who paid tribute to his legacy and influence on the drum and bass and jungle scene. He was praised for his unique style of MC-ing, his positive and uplifting messages, and his role as a pioneer and mentor for other MCs. Skibadee was remembered as a legend, a icon, and a true lyrical master.