Sid Melkote Cause of Death: The Mystery of a Missing School Teacher

Sid Melkote was a school teacher who went missing on January 20, 2024, after leaving his home in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab. His body was found three days later, buried near a temple in Mandya, Karnataka. He had been stabbed multiple times and his throat was slit. His murder sparked a massive manhunt for the killer, who is still at large. Who was Sid Melkote? Why was he killed? And who is the prime suspect in his case? This article will attempt to answer these questions and shed some light on the Sid Melkote cause of death.

The Life of Sid Melkote

Sid Melkote was a 32-year-old teacher who worked at a private school in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar. He was married to Priya, a software engineer, and had a 5-year-old daughter, Ananya. He was a friendly and helpful person, who was well-liked by his colleagues and students. He had a passion for music and played the guitar in his spare time. He also loved to travel and explore new places. He had recently visited Mandya, where he had some relatives, and had planned to go there again for a family function.

The Disappearance of Sid Melkote

On January 20, 2024, Sid Melkote left his home at around 8 am and drove to his school on his bike. He taught his classes as usual and left the school at around 2 pm. He told his wife that he was going to meet a friend and would be back by 6 pm. However, he never returned home. His wife tried to call him several times, but his phone was switched off. She also contacted his friend, who said that he had not met Sid that day. She then informed the police and filed a missing person complaint. The police traced Sid’s last location to a highway near Mandya, where his bike was found abandoned. They also found his wallet and phone in a nearby ditch. They suspected that he had been kidnapped by someone and taken to Mandya.

The Discovery of Sid Melkote’s Body

On January 23, 2024, a group of villagers noticed a foul smell coming from a patch of land near a temple in Melukote, a town in Mandya district. They dug up the soil and found a decomposed body wrapped in a cloth. They alerted the police, who arrived at the scene and confirmed that the body was that of Sid Melkote. He had been stabbed 15 times in the chest and abdomen, and his throat had been slit. His face was also disfigured by acid burns. The police collected some evidence from the spot, including a knife, a bottle of acid, and a piece of cloth with blood stains. They also found a note written in Kannada, which read: “This is the fate of those who interfere in my affairs. Don’t try to find me or you will face the same consequences.”

The Investigation of Sid Melkote’s Murder

The police launched a massive investigation into Sid Melkote’s murder, which involved teams from Punjab and Karnataka. They questioned his family, friends, colleagues, and students, but could not find any motive or clue that could lead them to the killer. They also checked the CCTV footage from the highway and the temple, but could not identify any suspicious vehicle or person. They also analysed the note and the evidence, but could not match them to any known criminal or database. The police were baffled by the case, as they could not establish any connection between Sid Melkote and Mandya, or between him and the killer. They wondered why he had gone to Mandya, who had kidnapped him, and what was the reason behind his brutal murder.

The Prime Suspect in Sid Melkote’s Case

The police have not been able to arrest anyone in connection with Sid Melkote’s murder, but they have named one person as the prime suspect. He is Ravi Kumar, a 35-year-old man who lives in Melukote. He is a distant relative of Sid Melkote, and had met him during his visit to Mandya. He is also a former teacher, who had been fired from his school for misconduct. He had a history of mental illness and drug abuse, and had been in and out of rehab centres. He had also been involved in some minor crimes, such as theft and assault. According to the police, Ravi Kumar had developed an obsession with Sid Melkote, and had been stalking him and sending him threatening messages. He had also been jealous of his success and happiness, and had harboured a grudge against him. He had planned to kidnap and kill him, and had lured him to Mandya by posing as his friend. He had then taken him to the temple, where he had tortured and killed him. He had also left the note to warn others from interfering in his affairs. The police have been searching for Ravi Kumar, but he has been on the run since the murder. He is considered to be armed and dangerous, and the police have issued a nationwide alert for his arrest.

The Impact of Sid Melkote’s Death

Sid Melkote’s death has left a deep impact on his family, friends, and the society. His wife and daughter have been devastated by his loss, and have been struggling to cope with the grief. His colleagues and students have also been mourning his death, and have paid tribute to him by holding candlelight vigils and prayer meetings. His murder has also raised questions about the safety and security of the citizens, and the efficiency and accountability of the police. Many people have demanded justice for Sid Melkote, and have urged the authorities to catch the killer and punish him severely. Sid Melkote’s cause of death was a tragedy that shook the nation. He was a young and talented teacher, who had a bright future ahead of him. He was also a loving husband and father, who had a happy family. He was a victim of a senseless and cruel crime, that robbed him of his life and dignity. He will always be remembered as a good and noble person, who touched the lives of many. He was, and still is, an inspiration to all.