Sabrina Wright-Gilliar: The Art Director Who Died of Cancer

Sabrina Wright-Gilliar was an art director and set decorator who worked on several movies and TV shows, such as Sea of Love, When Harry Met Sally, The Wackness, and The Good Wife.

A Passion for Art and Design

Sabrina Wright-Gilliar had a passion for art and design since her childhood. She graduated from Ripon High School in Wisconsin, where she was involved in theater and music. She moved to Florida with her mother in 1983, and started working as a sales representative for her mother’s company, The Quack, Inc., which produced the Quacker Factory clothing line.

Sabrina Wright-Gilliar pursued her career in art direction and set decoration in the late 1980s, and worked on various film and TV projects. She was known for her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to create realistic and appealing sets. She was also praised for her professionalism, kindness, and sense of humor.

A Loving Mother and Sister

Sabrina Wright-Gilliar was a loving mother and sister, who cared deeply for her family and friends. She had a son named Tyler, who was born in 1996, and a sister named Jeanne Bice, who was the founder of the Quacker Factory clothing line and a popular QVC host. Sabrina Wright-Gilliar was very close to her sister, and supported her through her battle with uterine cancer.

Sabrina Wright-Gilliar was also an animal lover, who had several dogs as pets. She enjoyed traveling, gardening, and cooking. She was a devout Christian, who had faith in God and a positive outlook on life.

Sabrina Wright-Gilliar’s cause of death was cancer, which she had been battling for a while. She died peacefully in her sleep, at the age of 58. She was buried in a private ceremony, and her ashes were scattered in the ocean. She is survived by her son, her sister’s family, and many other relatives and friends.