Ron Christian Cause of Death: A Tribute to the Urban Pope

Who was Ron Christian?

Ron Christian was a former heroin addict and convict who turned to Christ after he was released from prison in 1997. He became the pastor of Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, New Jersey, where he grew the congregation from a dozen members to more than 6,000. He was known for his energetic style and compassionate approach to ministry, reaching out to wanted murderers, drug dealers, and other criminals and encouraging them to surrender to God and the law. He was also a loving husband, father, and friend to many.

How did Ron Christian die?

Ron Christian was found dead in his church office on Friday, October 30, 2015, by a family member. He was 51 years old.

How did Ron Christian’s death impact his community?

Ron Christian’s death was a shock and a sorrow for his community, especially his church members, who gathered to mourn and comfort each other. Many of them shared memories of how he touched their lives with his preaching, his counseling, and his generosity. They also praised his courage and his faith, as he overcame his past struggles and became a role model and a leader.

What can we learn from Ron Christian’s life?

Ron Christian’s life was a testimony of God’s grace and power, as he transformed from a drug addict and a criminal to a devoted and dynamic pastor. He showed that no one is beyond redemption, and that God can use anyone for His glory. He also demonstrated that love is the greatest commandment, as he loved God, his family, his church, and his community with all his heart. He inspired many people to follow his example and to seek God’s will for their lives. His life reminds us that we are all called to be salt and light in the world, and to share the gospel with everyone we meet.