Riley Kogen Cause of Death: The Heartbreaking Story of a Five-Year-Old Girl

Riley Kogen was a five-year-old girl from Livingston, New Jersey, who passed away on December 19, 2013. She was a pre-K student at the Deerfield School in Short Hills and at Temple B’nai Abraham in Livingston. She loved spending winters in Miami and summers in Nantucket. She was also a donor who saved the lives of two women by giving them her kidneys. What was the cause of her death, and how did her family and community cope with the loss?

The Illness

which affects the development of the brain, the face, and other organs. She had multiple surgeries and treatments throughout her life, and faced many challenges and complications. which means that the left side of her heart was underdeveloped and could not pump blood properly. She had a heart transplant when she was only six months old, but her body eventually rejected the new heart.

The Death

However, she suffered a cardiac arrest during the surgery, and could not be revived. which means that her heart stopped working and could not supply blood and oxygen to her body. She was only five years old, and left behind her parents, Mitchell and Alison, and her brother, Connor.

The Donation

Riley Kogen’s parents decided to donate her organs, as they believed that it was what she would have wanted. They also wanted to honor her memory and legacy by helping others in need. Her donation saved their lives, and gave them a chance to enjoy their families and hobbies again. Riley’s parents also met with the recipients, and formed a bond with them. They said that they felt a connection with Riley through them, and that they were grateful for their gratitude and friendship.

The Foundation

which aims to raise awareness and funds for organ donation and transplantation. The foundation also supports families who are going through the process of organ donation or transplantation, and provides them with emotional and financial assistance. The foundation also organizes events and activities to celebrate Riley’s life and spirit, such as dance parties, golf outings, and bike rides. The foundation’s motto is “Dance like no one is watching”, which reflects Riley’s love for dancing and music.

Riley Kogen cause of death was a tragic and heartbreaking event, that marked the end of a short but meaningful life. She was a brave and beautiful girl, who touched the lives of many people with her smile and kindness. She was a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a hero. She was Riley Kogen, the dancing angel.