Rick Eshelman Cause of Death: The Voice of Outlaws Silenced

Who was Rick Eshelman?

Rick Eshelman was a 61-year-old veteran motorsports announcer who was best known as the voice of the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. He was born in Michigan and grew up attending Flat Rock Speedway. He started his career as a scorer and then became an announcer at Flat Rock in 1979. He also worked at Toledo Speedway in Ohio before joining the Air Force. He was one of only four announcers to be inducted into the Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame in August 2022. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Tom Carnegie Announcer of the Year Award in 2012.

Rick Eshelman was a beloved and respected figure in the racing community. He was admired for his professionalism, passion, and charisma. He had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport and was always ready to share it with the fans and the drivers. He was also a friend and a mentor to many people in the industry. He was survived by his wife, two children, and four grandchildren.

How did Rick Eshelman die?

Rick Eshelman’s cause of death has not been officially confirmed by his family or the authorities. However, there have been some reports and speculations about the circumstances of his death. According to CNAW, a local news outlet, he passed away from medical reasons on September 8, 2022, at Piedmont Midtown Medical Center. He was reportedly managing a chronic health condition prior to his passing. According to TrueQube, another news source, he was reported missing on September 1, 2022, during his route from Paducah to Lincoln, Illinois. There were witness reports of a loud bang and smoke coming from the back of his truck shortly before his disappearance. It is believed that foul play may have been involved in his death. His body was found near his truck on October 1, 2022.

Rick Eshelman’s death was a shock and a loss to the racing world, especially to the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. He was a vital part of the series and had a loyal fan base. He was known for his signature catchphrases, such as “It’s showtime!” and “Are you ready, race fans?” He was also known for his respect and appreciation for the military, as he often encouraged veterans to stand up and be recognized at the events.

How is Rick Eshelman remembered?

Rick Eshelman’s legacy lives on through his family, friends, and fans who remember him as a loving, caring, and generous person. He was also a legend and a role model in the announcing profession. He was involved in several racing organizations, such as the World of Outlaws, the DIRTcar, the Michigan Auto Racing Fan Club, and the National Motorsports Press Association.

Rick Eshelman’s funeral service was held on October 10, 2022, at the First Baptist Church of Concord. Pastor John Smith officiated the ceremony. The funeral home was Smith and Sons Funeral Home, Inc. Many people attended the service to pay their respects and express their condolences to his family.

Rick Eshelman was a talented and passionate announcer who had a bright career ahead of him. His sudden and tragic death left a void in the hearts of many who knew him and loved him. He will be dearly missed and fondly remembered by all. Rest in peace, Rick Eshelman.