Reverend Ron Christian Cause of Death: The Mysterious Passing of a Renowned Pastor

Reverend Ron Christian was a former heroin addict who became a prominent pastor of the Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, New Jersey. He was known for his charismatic and compassionate ministry, especially to those who struggled with addiction, crime, and violence. He was also a community leader, a mentor, and a friend to many. He passed away on October 30, 2015, at the age of 51, leaving behind a legacy of love and service. But what was the cause of his death? And why has it remained a mystery for so long?

A Family Member Found Him Dead Inside His Church

Reverend Ron Christian’s death was discovered by a family member who found him dead inside his church office on a Friday morning. He returned home later that night, and went to his church the next morning. He was supposed to officiate a funeral service that day, but he never made it.

However, the autopsy results were never publicly released, and the case was closed without any further explanation. The prosecutor’s office did not respond to requests for comment from various media outlets, and the family did not issue any statement or obituary. The mystery surrounding Reverend Ron Christian’s cause of death remains unsolved to this day.

A Former Heroin Addict Who Turned to Religion and Became a Pastor

Reverend Ron Christian’s life story was one of redemption and transformation. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where he attended a magnet high school and excelled academically and athletically. He moved to New Jersey in 1983, where he worked as a prison guard and a youth counselor. However, he also developed a heroin addiction, which led him to lose his job and his family.

Upon his release in 1997, he joined a church in Newark where his father, a retired pastor, was working. He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a minister. He founded the Christian Love Baptist Church in 2000, with a dozen members. The church grew to have over 6,000 members, many of whom were former addicts, criminals, and gang members. Reverend Ron Christian preached a message of hope and forgiveness, and encouraged his congregation to turn their lives around.

Reverend Ron Christian was also a vocal advocate for social justice and racial equality. He was a member of the Black Lives Matter movement, and participated in protests and rallies against police brutality and racial injustice.

A Beloved and Respected Member of the Community

Reverend Ron Christian’s death was mourned by his family, friends, and followers, who gathered at his church to share their grief and gratitude. They remembered him as a loving and generous person, who touched and inspired many lives. They also celebrated his achievements and contributions, which made a positive difference in the world.

Reverend Ron Christian was also praised and honored by many local and national leaders, who recognized his impact and influence. The Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo Jr. issued a statement, saying, “Rev. Ron was a very special and tremendous individual. The Newark Mayor Ras Baraka also issued a statement, saying, “He was a giant in the community, a leader among leaders, a friend and a brother.

Reverend Ron Christian’s cause of death may be unknown, but his legacy is clear and undeniable. He was a former heroin addict who became a prominent pastor, a community leader, a mentor, and a friend to many. He was a man of faith, integrity, and generosity, who touched the lives of everyone who knew him or met him. He was a legend of his community, who left a lasting impression on everyone. He deserves to be remembered and celebrated.