Poong Woon Ho Cause of Death: The Heartbreaking Truth Behind Netflix’s 20th Century Girl

Who was Poong Woon Ho?

Poong Woon Ho was a fictional character in the Netflix original movie 20th Century Girl, a South Korean romantic drama that was released in October 2022. The movie, written and directed by Bang Woo Ri, follows the story of Na Bo Ra, a teenage girl who falls in love with Poong Woon Ho, a new student at her school. Poong Woon Ho, played by Byeon Woo Seok, is a quiet and depressed boy who lives with his father in Korea, while his mother and younger brother live in New Zealand. He develops a crush on Bo Ra, played by Kim Yoo Jung, and starts to smile again.

How did Poong Woon Ho die?

Poong Woon Ho’s cause of death is not explicitly stated in the movie, but it is implied that he died in an accident while traveling to Korea to meet Bo Ra. Poong Woon Ho’s younger brother Joseph mentions his lamentation at Woon Ho traveling to Korea to meet Bo Ra. Therefore, it is suggested that Woon Ho died while traveling to Korea, presumably in an accident.

The movie shows that Poong Woon Ho and Bo Ra maintained their relationship through emails after Woon Ho moved to New Zealand with his mother. They planned to attend the same college in Seoul and reunite. However, after New Year’s eve of 2000, Woon Ho stopped replying to Bo Ra’s messages and calls, leaving her heartbroken and confused. Bo Ra never learned the reason behind Woon Ho’s silence until 15 years later, when she received a VHS tape and a letter from Joseph, who invited her to his art exhibition.

What was the impact of Poong Woon Ho’s death?

Poong Woon Ho’s death was a tragedy that left Bo Ra and many viewers in tears. The movie ends with Bo Ra watching the VHS tape, which contains Woon Ho’s final message to her. He confesses his love for her and tells her that he will soon come to Korea to see her. He also shows her the memories of their school days and their time together. Bo Ra cries as she realizes that Woon Ho is gone and that he never forgot her.

The movie also shows the impact of Poong Woon Ho’s death on his younger brother Joseph, who grew up to be an artist. Joseph tells Bo Ra that he was inspired by Woon Ho’s drawings and that he wanted to share his art with her. He also says that he regrets that Woon Ho had to travel to Korea to meet Bo Ra, implying that he blames himself for his brother’s death.


Poong Woon Ho was a fictional character who touched the hearts of many viewers with his sweet and sincere love for Bo Ra. His cause of death was a mystery that added to his enigmatic charm. He will always be remembered as a young lover who died too soon.