Pinchas Rosenbaum Cause of Death: The Heroic Life and Tragic End of a Holocaust Rescuer

Who was Pinchas Rosenbaum?

Pinchas Rosenbaum was a Hungarian-born Swiss Jewish rabbi and freedom fighter who saved hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust. He was born in 1923 in Kisvárda, a town in northeastern Hungary, where his father was the chief rabbi. He was a descendant of Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the famous 16th-century rabbi and mystic. He was ordained as a rabbi at the age of 18 by Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, the chief rabbi of Ireland and later of Israel.

How did Pinchas Rosenbaum save Jews during the Holocaust?

When the Nazis invaded Hungary in 1944, Pinchas Rosenbaum joined the underground resistance movement known as the Vaada, or the Aid and Rescue Committee. He obtained false papers and uniforms from various sources, including the Swiss consulate, the Red Cross, and the Hungarian police. He disguised himself as a German SS officer, a Hungarian Arrow Cross soldier, or a Hungarian Levente member, depending on the situation. He used his fluent German and Hungarian skills, his courage, and his charisma to deceive the Nazis and their collaborators. He rescued Jews from deportation trains, ghettos, labor camps, and death marches. He brought them to safe houses, such as the Glass House on Vadatz Street, where thousands of Jews lived on false certificates. He also smuggled food, medicine, and weapons to the Jewish community.

What happened to Pinchas Rosenbaum after the war?

After the war, Pinchas Rosenbaum moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where he married Stephanie Stern, a Holocaust survivor who was on the Kastner train that brought Jews from Budapest to Bergen-Belsen and then to Switzerland. He earned a doctorate in economics and published two books on Jewish history and philosophy. He also became a successful businessman and banker, who founded the Banque De Credit International Genève in 1959. He supported the newly established state of Israel with financial and security assistance. He worked for the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, on various missions.

How did Pinchas Rosenbaum die?

Pinchas Rosenbaum died of a heart attack in Geneva on October 23, 1980, at the age of 56. He left behind his wife, two sons, and a daughter. He was buried on Har HaMenuchot, the largest Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem. His death was mourned by many people who admired his heroism and generosity


Pinchas Rosenbaum was a remarkable man who lived a remarkable life. He was a rabbi, a freedom fighter, a banker, and a spy. He saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazi genocide and helped the Jewish state to survive and thrive. He was a man of faith, courage, and compassion. He was a man who made a difference in the world.