Pete Salgado Cause of Death: Former Manager of Jenni Rivera Dies at 46

Who was Pete Salgado?

Pete Salgado was a music manager and producer who worked with several Latin artists, most notably the late Jenni Rivera. He was also the co-author of a controversial biography about Rivera, titled “Her Name Was Dolores”, which was adapted into a television series by Univision. Salgado died on Sunday, January 12, 2024, at the age of 46. The cause of his death has not been officially confirmed, but some sources claim he suffered a heart attack.

How did Pete Salgado meet Jenni Rivera?

Salgado met Rivera in 2002, when he was working as a promoter for Fonovisa Records. He became her manager and friend, and helped her achieve success in the regional Mexican music scene. He was with Rivera until her tragic death in a plane crash in 2012. Salgado described Rivera as “a sister, a friend, a confidant, a partner in crime”.

What was the conflict between Pete Salgado and the Rivera family?

After Rivera’s death, Salgado decided to write a book about her life, based on his personal experiences and conversations with her. He claimed he wanted to honor her memory and reveal her true self, beyond the scandals and rumors. However, the Rivera family did not approve of his project, and sued him for $10 million, accusing him of violating a confidentiality agreement and exploiting Rivera’s image. The family also tried to stop the production and broadcast of the television series based on the book, but they were unsuccessful. The series, titled “Her Name Was Dolores: The Jenni I Knew”, aired on Univision in 2017, and received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

How did the public react to Pete Salgado’s death?

Salgado’s death shocked many people in the music industry and the Latino community, who expressed their condolences and tributes on social media. Some of Rivera’s fans also showed sympathy and respect for Salgado, despite the differences he had with the family. However, some of Rivera’s relatives, such as her brother Lupillo and her daughter Chiquis, did not comment on Salgado’s death, and seemed to ignore the news.

What is Pete Salgado’s legacy?

Salgado was a influential figure in the Latin music scene, who worked with artists such as Marco Antonio Solis, Ana Gabriel, and Lou Diamond Phillips. He was also a mentor and supporter of new talents, such as the MS Band, who he helped bring to California. He was known for his professionalism, passion, and charisma. He will be remembered as one of the people who knew and loved Jenni Rivera the most, and who tried to share her story with the world.