Penny Parker Denver Cause of Death: How a Beloved Columnist Lost Her Life

Penny Parker was a renowned journalist and columnist who worked for the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News for decades. She was known for her witty and insightful coverage of the local social scene, business, and entertainment. She died on January 3, 2016, at the age of 62. The cause of her death was undetermined, but she had been battling breast cancer for 10 years. This article will pay tribute to her life, career, and legacy, as well as explore the mystery of her death.

A Passionate and Prolific Reporter

Penny Parker was born on October 10, 1953, in Ohio. She graduated from Kent State University and started her journalism career at the Akron Beacon Journal. She moved to Denver in 1993 and joined the Denver Post as a features reporter. She soon switched to the business department, where she became a formidable reporter who broke many stories and scoops. She covered retail, restaurants, marketing, and tourism, and earned the respect and admiration of her sources and colleagues.she was influential in coining the term “retail resort” for Park Meadows mall, which is still used by its owner today. She also trained many celebrities, including David Lee Roth, who featured her in his music video for “California Girls”.

In 1999, she was hired by the Rocky Mountain News as the “On the Town” columnist, a high-profile position that gave her access to the elite and glamorous circles of Denver. She wrote about the parties, events, personalities, and gossip of the city, with a sharp and humorous style. She was not afraid to criticize or tease her subjects, but she also praised and celebrated their achievements. She had a loyal and large following of readers who enjoyed her columns and trusted her opinions.

she saw herself as a reporter, not a gossipmonger, and she took her job seriously. She said, “There’s a fine line when you write that kind of thing, because if people think you’re making fun of them, they’ll cut off your source supply. So when I wrote about Annabel Bowlen, I made sure to talk about all the philanthropic deeds she’s done in town. But with that outfit, I had to wonder what was going on in her head — and afterward, I got a couple of comments from women saying, ‘No one else would have written about that, and I’m glad you did.’”

She also ventured into other media, such as making wrestling videos and short action movies that showcased her interest in women’s bodybuilding. She also had aspirations to become an actress, and had just finished filming for a martial-arts movie where she played the lead role before her death.

Penny Parker Denver Cause of Death: A Mystery Unsolved

On January 3, 2016, Penny Parker died in her Denver condominium. She was 62 years old. Her husband, Greg Henry, found her body and called 911. the cause of her death was undetermined, and no foul play was suspected. However, the circumstances of her death were unclear and mysterious.

Parker had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, and had undergone several treatments and surgeries. She had been in remission for a while, but the cancer had returned in 2015. She had been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and was scheduled for another surgery in January 2016. She had been optimistic and hopeful about her recovery, and had been working on her columns and projects until the end.

According to the Westword2, Parker had been experiencing some health issues in the weeks before her death, such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue. She had also been taking painkillers and sleeping pills to cope with her condition. However, she had not shown any signs of suicidal thoughts or depression, and had been in touch with her friends and family regularly. She had even planned to attend a party on the night of her death, but had canceled at the last minute, saying she was feeling unwell.

The autopsy report did not reveal any conclusive evidence of what caused her death. It ruled out any trauma, injury, or overdose. It also did not find any traces of alcohol or illegal drugs in her system. It did note that she had a high level of morphine in her blood, which could have been prescribed for her pain. It also mentioned that she had a history of heart problems, which could have contributed to her death. However, none of these factors were definitive or sufficient to explain her death.

The mystery of Penny Parker Denver cause of death remains unsolved to this day. Her family and friends have accepted her death as a tragic and unfortunate event, and have focused on celebrating her life and legacy. They have organized memorial services, fundraisers, and tributes to honor her memory and support her causes. They have also shared their stories and memories of her on social media and other platforms, remembering her as a loving, generous, and talented person who touched many lives.

A Legacy of Excellence and Influence

Penny Parker was a remarkable journalist and columnist who left a lasting impact on the Denver community and beyond. She was a pioneer and a leader in her field, who broke barriers and challenged norms. She was a passionate and prolific writer, who covered a wide range of topics and issues with flair and insight. She was a respected and admired professional, who earned the trust and loyalty of her sources and colleagues. She was a beloved and cherished friend, who cared and supported her loved ones.

Penny Parker’s legacy lives on in her work, her words, and her deeds. She was posthumously inducted into the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame in 2016, and received many other awards and honors for her journalism and philanthropy. She was also remembered and praised by many prominent figures and organizations in Denver, such as Mayor Michael Hancock, Governor John Hickenlooper, the Denver Broncos, and the Colorado Rockies. She was also an inspiration and a role model for many aspiring and young journalists, especially women, who followed her footsteps and learned from her example.

Penny Parker Denver cause of death may be a mystery, but her life was a masterpiece. She was a star who shone bright in the Denver sky, and a voice who spoke loud and clear in the Denver air. She was a legend who will never be forgotten, and a spirit who will always be alive.