Paul Dhaliwal Cause of Death: Survivor of Tiger Attack Dies at 24

## Who was Paul Dhaliwal?

Paul Dhaliwal was one of the survivors of the infamous tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day in 2007. He and his brother Kulbir Dhaliwal were mauled by a Siberian tiger named Tatiana, who escaped from her enclosure and killed their friend Carlos Sousa Jr. Paul Dhaliwal suffered deep cuts and bites on his head, neck, arms, and legs, and required multiple surgeries and skin grafts. He was born on June 16, 1988, and grew up in San Jose, California. He had a troubled past, involving several arrests and convictions for crimes such as theft, vandalism, and drug possession.

## How did Paul Dhaliwal die?

The cause of death of Paul Dhaliwal is unknown. He died on July 29, 2012, at his home in San Jose. His family did not disclose any details about his death, and requested privacy. According to ABC7 News[^1^][1] [^2^][2], his death shocked and saddened his former lawyer, Mark Geragos, who represented him and his brother in a lawsuit against the zoo. Geragos said that Paul Dhaliwal had been struggling with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after the tiger attack, and that he had tried to turn his life around.

## What was the outcome of the tiger attack and the lawsuit?

The tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo was one of the most notorious and tragic incidents in the zoo's history. It sparked a massive investigation, a public outcry, and a legal battle. The investigation found that the tiger grotto's walls were lower than the federal safety standards, and that the zoo had inadequate emergency response procedures. The zoo made several changes to improve the security and safety of the animals and the visitors, such as raising the walls, installing electric fences, and adding warning signs. The zoo also paid tribute to Tatiana, who was shot and killed by the police, by placing a bronze statue of her at the entrance.

The Dhaliwal brothers and the Sousa family filed separate lawsuits against the zoo, alleging negligence, wrongful death, and emotional distress. The zoo denied any wrongdoing, and claimed that the victims had provoked the tiger by taunting and throwing objects at her. The lawsuits were settled out of court in 2009, with the zoo paying $900,000 to the Dhaliwal brothers and an undisclosed amount to the Sousa family.

## Conclusion

Paul Dhaliwal was a survivor of a horrific tiger attack that claimed the life of his friend and left him and his brother with physical and emotional scars. His cause of death is still unknown, and may never be revealed. His life and his ordeal will always be remembered and discussed by his family, friends, and the public. He was a troubled and tormented soul, and he will be missed by many.