Paul Brinkman Cause of Death: A Tribute to the Actor and Businessman

Paul Brinkman, best known for his roles in the TV series The Untouchables and the film The High and the Mighty, passed away on October 1, 2003, at the age of 85. He was also the husband of Jeanne Crain, a popular actress who starred in films such as Pinky and State Fair. In this article, we will look at Paul Brinkman’s cause of death, his life and career, and his legacy.

Paul Brinkman’s Cause of Death: Heart Failure

According to his son, Paul Brinkman Jr., Paul Brinkman died of heart failure at his Santa Barbara home. He had been suffering from various health problems for several years, including diabetes and kidney failure.

Paul Brinkman’s death came just two months before his wife Jeanne Crain’s death, who also died of a heart attack on December 14, 2003.

Paul Brinkman’s Life and Career: From Actor to Businessman

Paul Brinkman was born on July 29, 1918, in Los Angeles, California. He started his acting career in the 1940s, appearing in films such as The High and the Mighty, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, and The Young Lions.

However, Paul Brinkman was not satisfied with his acting career and decided to pursue his interest in business. He founded the Brinkman Engineering Company, which specialized in designing and building industrial plants. He also invested in real estate and owned several properties in California and Hawaii.

Paul Brinkman’s Legacy: A Loving Husband and Father

Paul Brinkman was a devoted husband to Jeanne Crain, whom he met in 1945 when she was a rising star at 20th Century Fox. They eloped and got married in Las Vegas, despite the opposition of the studio and Crain’s mother.

Paul Brinkman was also a supportive partner to Jeanne Crain, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Pinky, a controversial film about a black girl passing for white in the South. He encouraged her to take the role and defended her from the criticism and threats she received

Paul Brinkman was a loving husband and father, who left behind a legacy of kindness, generosity, and achievement. He will be remembered for his contributions to the entertainment industry, the business world, and the society.