Nini X Cause of Death: How the Rapper Lost Her Life in a Tragic Accident

Nini X, also known as Bloody Mary, was a rapper who rose to fame as the only female member of the Bloods & Crips musical project in the early 1990s. She was known for her versatile and powerful vocals, her gangsta rap style, and her affiliation with the Avenue Piru Gang. She died on November 19, 2006, at the age of 36, after being involved in a motorcycle accident in Compton, California. This article examines the life, career, and death of the rapper.

From Ohio to Compton

Nini X was born as Rajni Faulks on July 21, 1970, in Steubenville, Ohio. She moved to Compton, California, when she was young, and became associated with the Avenue Piru Gang and the East Side Fruit Town Piru Gang. She developed a passion for music and started performing in local pubs and clubs. She was introduced to Ronnie “Ron” Phillips, the founder of Dangerous Records, by rapper Tweedy Bird Loc in 1993. Phillips offered her a record deal and a chance to be part of the Bloods & Crips project, a collaboration between rival gang members to promote peace and unity through music.

A Breakthrough with Bloods & Crips

Nini X made her debut as Bloody Mary on the Bloods & Crips single and music video “Piru Love”, along with Lil Stretch, Redrum781, and Lil Leak. The song was a hit and brought her to national attention. She also appeared on several other songs on the Bloods & Crips albums Bangin’ on Wax and Bangin’ on Wax 2… The Saga Continues. She was the only female rapper in the group and earned respect and recognition for her skills and charisma.

In 1994, Nini X released her first and only solo album, She’s Dangerous, under the name Nini X. The album featured guest appearances from other Bloods & Crips members, as well as DJ King Assassin, Tweedy Bird Loc, and others. The album showcased her versatility and talent, as she rapped about various topics such as gang life, love, sex, and spirituality. The album received positive reviews and sold well, but Nini X left Dangerous Records soon after due to financial and contractual disputes with Phillips.

A Struggle to Maintain Relevance

After leaving Dangerous Records, Nini X struggled to maintain her relevance and popularity in the rap scene. She made some guest appearances on albums by DJ King Assassin, Tweedy Bird Loc, and others, but did not release any new solo material. She also faced personal problems, such as homelessness, drug addiction, and domestic violence. She tried to make a comeback in 2003, when Dangerous Records released a compilation album, Day of Resurrection, under the name Bloody Mary. The album featured some of her old songs, as well as some unreleased tracks. However, the album did not generate much buzz or sales, and Nini X faded into obscurity.

A Tragic and Untimely Death

On November 18, 2006, Nini X was riding her motorcycle in Compton when she was hit by a truck that was involved in a high-speed chase with the police. She suffered severe injuries and was taken to a hospital, where she was declared brain dead. Her family decided to pull the plug on her life support the next day, and she passed away on November 19, 2006. She was 36 years old. Her death shocked and saddened her fans and peers, who paid tribute to her on social media and in various media outlets. She was survived by her four children and nine grandchildren.

Nini X cause of death may have been a motorcycle accident, but her legacy and impact live on. She was a rapper who broke barriers and made history as the only female member of the Bloods & Crips. She was Nini X.