Nicole Hazen, the Brave and Loving Wife of Diamondbacks GM, Dies of Brain Cancer

Nicole Hazen, the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Mike Hazen, passed away on August 4, 2022, from complications related to glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. She was 45 years old. She is survived by her husband and their four sons, Charlie, John, Teddy, and Sam. Nicole Hazen was a devoted mother, wife, and educator, who lived her life with passion and compassion. She also inspired many people with her courage and resilience in her battle against the disease.

## A Life of Service and Joy

Nicole Hazen was born on June 12, 1977, in Boston, Massachusetts. She attended Boston College, where she met Mike Hazen, who was a baseball player for the Eagles. They married in 2001 and moved to Arizona in 2016, when Mike Hazen was hired as the Diamondbacks GM. Nicole Hazen worked as a teacher and a principal at various schools, most recently at the Archway Classical Academy in Scottsdale. She was passionate about education and helping children reach their full potential. She was also a loving and supportive wife, who encouraged her husband's career and shared his love for baseball. She was a proud and caring mother, who raised four boys with kindness and grace.

Nicole Hazen enjoyed traveling, reading, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. She had a bright and cheerful personality, and a beautiful smile that could light up a room. She was known for her generosity, her humor, and her faith. She touched many lives with her warmth and wisdom.

## A Fight Against a Deadly Disease

Nicole Hazen was diagnosed with glioblastoma in July 2020, after experiencing headaches and vision problems. Glioblastoma is a type of brain tumor that grows rapidly and invades the surrounding tissue. It is very difficult to treat and has a poor prognosis. The average survival time after diagnosis is about 15 months. Nicole Hazen underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, but the tumor continued to grow and affect her abilities. She lost her capacity to speak, walk, and lead, but never her capacity to love her children, family, and friends.

Mike Hazen announced in June 2021 that he was taking a physical leave of absence from the team, so that he could be with his wife and their children at home. He still oversaw the baseball operations, but delegated more responsibilities to his assistants. He said that his wife was his priority and that he wanted to cherish every moment with her. He also thanked the Diamondbacks organization and the baseball community for their support and prayers.

## A Legacy of Hope and Love

Nicole Hazen passed away peacefully at her home, surrounded by her loved ones. She left behind a legacy of hope and love, as well as a fund that aims to help others who are facing the same disease. The Diamondbacks launched the Nicole Hazen Fund for Hope in 2021, at their annual Evening on the Diamond fundraiser. The fund is committed to funding the innovative therapies, cutting-edge research, and pioneering discoveries in hopes of solving one of medicine's most complex and incurable diseases. The fund raised $1.5 million in its first year, exceeding its initial goal of $1 million. The fund will offer more patients with glioblastoma access to rapid, state-of-the-art treatment, as well as compassionate support throughout their journey.

The Diamondbacks mourned the loss of Nicole Hazen and expressed their condolences to Mike Hazen and their four sons. They said that Nicole Hazen was a beloved member of the Diamondbacks family, and that they would remember her for her vibrance, kindness, and fighting spirit. They also said that they would honor her memory and continue to support the Nicole Hazen Fund for Hope.

Nicole Hazen was a remarkable woman, who lived her life and loved her family with fierceness and devotion. She faced her illness with courage and dignity, and never gave up hope. She was a source of inspiration and strength for many people, and she will be greatly missed by all who knew her.