Nabi Tajima Cause of Death: The Life and Legacy of the World’s Oldest Person

## Who was Nabi Tajima?

Nabi Tajima was a Japanese supercentenarian who held the title of the world's oldest person from September 2017 until her death in April 2018. She was born on August 4, 1900, in the Meiji era, and lived through three centuries, two world wars, and the rise and fall of empires. She was the last surviving person born in the 19th century. She had nine children, 28 grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren, and 35 great-great-grandchildren. She lived in Kikai, a small island in Kagoshima Prefecture, where she was known as the "god of the island". She enjoyed calligraphy, origami, and singing traditional songs. She attributed her longevity to eating delicious food and sleeping well.

## How did Nabi Tajima die?

The cause of death of Nabi Tajima was senility, according to the fact result[^1^][1]. She died at a hospital in Kikai on April 21, 2018, at the age of 117 years and 260 days. She had been hospitalized since January due to old age. Her death was confirmed by the town officials and the Gerontology Research Group, which validates the ages of the world's oldest people. She was the third-oldest person ever recorded, after Jeanne Calment of France and Sarah Knauss of the United States. She was succeeded as the world's oldest person by another Japanese woman, Chiyo Miyako, who died three months later.

## What is the legacy of Nabi Tajima?

Nabi Tajima left behind a legacy of wisdom and inspiration for the world. She was one of the most remarkable and rare examples of human longevity, and a living witness of history. She was also a symbol of Japan's aging society, which has the highest life expectancy and the largest proportion of elderly people in the world. She was honored and respected by her family, friends, and fans, who celebrated her birthdays and milestones with her. She was also featured in several documentaries and media reports, such as the BBC's "The 100-Year-Olds Who Are Still Working" and the NHK's "The World's Oldest People". She was loved and admired by many, and her death marked the end of an era.

## Conclusion

Nabi Tajima was a remarkable woman and a supercentenarian, who died of natural causes at the age of 117. Her cause of death was senility, which is common among the very old. Her life and her achievements will always be remembered and honored by her family, friends, and the public. She was a true legend and a treasure, and she will be missed by many.