Mr. Magic Cause of Death: How the Rap Legend Died

Who was Mr. Magic?

Mr. Magic, born Awood Johnson, was a rap legend who pioneered hip-hop radio in the 1980s. He hosted the first rap show on a major station, Rap Attack, on New York’s WBLS. He also formed the influential rap group the Juice Crew, which included stars like Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, and Biz Markie. He was respected and admired by many rappers, including Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and Mos Def, who mentioned him in their songs.

How did Mr. Magic die?

Mr. Magic died on March 1, 2013, at the age of 53. which occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked. He was driving in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with his wife Chastity and his daughter Twila. The heart attack caused him to lose control of the car and crash into a tree.

What was the impact of Mr. Magic’s death?

Mr. Magic’s death was a tragic loss for the hip-hop community, especially for his former colleagues and friends at No Limit Records, where he released his last album in 1998. Many of them expressed their condolences and tributes on social media, such as Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, and Mannie Fresh. His fans also mourned his passing and celebrated his legacy as the “Official Voice of Hip-Hop” and the “Original Rap Attacker”.