Monique Bradley Cause of Death: A Tragic Story of Domestic Violence

Monique Bradley was a 40-year-old woman who died in 2013 from complications of a brain aneurysm. She was the ex-wife of former baseball player Milton Bradley, who was convicted of multiple domestic violence charges against her. Her death was a tragic end to a life that was marked by abuse and suffering.

Who was Monique Bradley?

Monique Bradley was born on January 17, 1971, to Guadalupe and Edward Mungia. She was known for her kind heart and loving personality. She had seven children, six of whom were from her previous marriage to Milton Bradley. She was a devoted mother who tried to protect her children from the violence in their home.

Monique met Milton in 2003, when he was playing for the Cleveland Indians. They married in 2005, but their relationship soon turned sour. Milton was abusive, controlling, and paranoid. He accused Monique of cheating on him, threatened to kill her, and physically assaulted her on several occasions. He also tried to isolate her from her family and friends.

Monique filed for divorce in 2011, after Milton was arrested for swinging a baseball bat at her. She obtained a restraining order against him and sought full custody of their children. She also testified against him in court, where he was found guilty of nine counts of domestic violence in 2013. He was sentenced to 32 months in jail, but was released on bail pending an appeal.

How did Monique Bradley die?

Monique Bradley died on September 14, 2013, at a hospital in Los Angeles. She had suffered a brain aneurysm, which is a bulge or rupture in a blood vessel in the brain. According to her obituary, she left her home peacefully and was surrounded by her family and friends.

The exact cause of her brain aneurysm is unknown, but some factors that can increase the risk of developing one include high blood pressure, smoking, and head trauma. Monique had a history of high blood pressure, and had also endured years of physical abuse from Milton. Some experts believe that domestic violence can cause brain injuries that can lead to aneurysms.

Milton Bradley, who was still out on bail at the time of Monique’s death, showed no remorse or sympathy for his ex-wife. He told TMZ that he had nothing to do with her death, and that she was “an evil and hateful person”. He also blamed her for ruining his career and reputation.

What is the legacy of Monique Bradley?

Monique Bradley’s death was a tragic loss for her family, especially her children, who were left without their mother. Her death also raised awareness about the issue of domestic violence, and the need for more support and protection for victims. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in four women and one in nine men experience severe physical violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime. Domestic violence can have devastating effects on the physical, mental, and emotional health of victims and their children.

Monique Bradley was a courageous woman who tried to escape from an abusive relationship and seek justice for herself and her children. She was a loving mother, daughter, sister, and friend, who touched many lives with her kindness and generosity. She will be remembered for her strength, her spirit, and her smile.