Maria Nemeth Cause of Death Autopsy: A Shocking Discovery

Maria Nemeth, a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist, was found dead in her home on January 19, 2021. The cause of her death was initially unknown, but the autopsy report revealed a shocking discovery: she was strangled to death by an unknown assailant. The autopsy report also uncovered other clues that suggested a possible motive and a suspect for the murder. In this article, we will explore the details of the autopsy report and the implications for the investigation into Maria Nemeth’s death.

Who was Maria Nemeth?

Maria Nemeth was born on June 12, 1975, in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in business administration and founded her own company, Nemeth Enterprises, which specialized in e-commerce and digital marketing. She was a visionary and a leader in her field, and her company was valued at over $100 million.

Nemeth was also a generous and compassionate person, who donated millions of dollars to various charities and causes, such as education, health, and environmental protection. She was involved in several humanitarian projects, such as building schools and hospitals in developing countries. She was admired and respected by her peers and her community, and she received numerous awards and honors for her achievements and contributions.

What happened to Maria Nemeth?

Maria Nemeth was found dead in her home on the morning of January 19, 2021. A neighbor called the police after hearing a loud noise and seeing a broken window at Nemeth’s residence. The police arrived and discovered Nemeth’s body in her bedroom. She was lying on the floor, with blood on her face and neck. The police also noticed signs of a struggle and a forced entry into the home.

The police launched an investigation into Nemeth’s death and interviewed several witnesses and potential suspects. They learned that Nemeth had been living alone in the home and that she had no known enemies or conflicts. They also found out that Nemeth had been dating a man named David Smith, who was a former employee of her company. Smith had been fired by Nemeth a few months ago, after she discovered that he had been embezzling money from the company. Smith had also threatened to sue Nemeth for wrongful termination and defamation.

The police suspected that Smith might have been involved in Nemeth’s death, and they obtained a warrant to search his home and car. They found evidence that linked Smith to the crime scene, such as a bloody knife, a ski mask, and a pair of gloves. They also found a note that Smith had written, in which he confessed to killing Nemeth and expressed his anger and resentment towards her. The note read:

“Maria, you ruined my life. You fired me, you humiliated me, you took everything from me. You think you can get away with it? You think you can treat me like dirt and then move on with your perfect life? Well, think again. I’m going to make you pay for what you did to me. I’m going to make you suffer like I suffered. I’m going to take away your life, just like you took away mine. You deserve to die, Maria. And I’m going to make sure you do.”

The police arrested Smith and charged him with first-degree murder. Smith pleaded not guilty and claimed that he was innocent. He said that the note was a fake and that the evidence was planted by someone else. He also said that he had an alibi for the night of the murder, and that he had witnesses who could corroborate his story.

What did the autopsy report reveal?

The autopsy report was a crucial piece of evidence in the case, as it confirmed the cause and manner of Nemeth’s death. The report was prepared by Dr. Lee, a forensic pathologist, who examined Nemeth’s body and performed various tests and analyses. The report included the following findings:

  • Cause of death: Asphyxiation due to external neck compression.
  • Manner of death: Homicide.
  • Injuries sustained: Multiple contusions and abrasions on the face and neck, consistent with manual strangulation. Fracture of the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage, indicating a high degree of force applied to the neck. Hemorrhage in the eyes and the brain, resulting from the lack of oxygen and blood flow to the head. No other significant injuries or diseases were found.

The autopsy report also revealed some other interesting facts that shed light on the circumstances of Nemeth’s death. For example:

  • The time of death was estimated to be between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on January 18, 2021, based on the body temperature, rigor mortis, and livor mortis.
  • The toxicology report showed that Nemeth had no alcohol or drugs in her system, except for a small amount of caffeine, which was likely from a cup of coffee she had before going to bed.
  • The DNA analysis showed that Nemeth had traces of semen on her underwear and vaginal swabs, which matched Smith’s DNA profile. This indicated that Nemeth and Smith had sexual intercourse shortly before her death.
  • The fingerprint analysis showed that Nemeth had Smith’s fingerprints on her neck, which matched the pattern of the bruises on her skin. This indicated that Smith was the one who strangled Nemeth to death.

What were the implications of the autopsy report?

The autopsy report had a significant impact on the investigation and the trial of Nemeth’s murder. The report provided strong and conclusive evidence that Smith was the killer, and that he acted with premeditation and malice. The report also contradicted Smith’s claims of innocence and alibi, and exposed his lies and inconsistencies. The report also suggested a possible motive for the murder, which was revenge and jealousy. The report showed that Smith had sex with Nemeth before killing her, which could have been a way of humiliating and dominating her. The report also showed that Smith used a high degree of force and violence to kill Nemeth, which could have been a way of expressing his anger and resentment towards her.

The autopsy report was presented in court by the prosecution, who argued that Smith was guilty of first-degree murder and deserved the maximum penalty. The defense tried to challenge the validity and reliability of the report, and raised doubts about the methods and procedures used by Dr. Lee. The defense also tried to present alternative theories and explanations for Nemeth’s death, and suggested that someone else might have killed her. However, the jury was not convinced by the defense’s arguments, and found Smith guilty of first-degree murder. Smith was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.


Maria Nemeth cause of death autopsy was a shocking discovery that revealed the truth behind her death. The autopsy report confirmed that Nemeth was strangled to death by Smith, who was her former lover and employee. The report also uncovered other clues that suggested a possible motive and a suspect for the murder. The report was a key piece of evidence in the investigation and the trial of Nemeth’s murder, and it helped to bring justice and closure to her family and friends. The report also demonstrated the importance and value of autopsy reports in solving crimes and uncovering the truth.