Margaret Parrott Cause of Death: A Life Cut Short by a Rare Disease

Margaret Parrott, a young mother of five and a passionate missionary, died on October 28, 2015, at the age of 39. Her death left behind a grieving family and a legacy of faith and service.

A Loving and Adventurous Woman

Margaret Parrott was born on November 10, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended The Westminster Schools and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in International Affairs. She married her childhood sweetheart, Thomas French Parrott, in 1997 and had five children: Mary, Campbell, Greta, Georgia, and Thomas Jr.

Margaret was a loving and devoted wife and mother, who enjoyed cooking, gardening, and homeschooling her children. She was also a adventurous and curious woman, who loved to travel, ride motorcycles, and fish with her family. She had a zest for life and a positive attitude that inspired everyone around her.

A Faithful and Generous Servant

Margaret was a devout Christian, who had a strong relationship with God and a heart for serving others. She and her family were active members of the Village Church of Vinings, where she led a women’s Bible study group and participated in various ministries.

Margaret made many trips to Uganda, often accompanied by some of her children, to share the gospel and show love to the children in need. She also sponsored several children and helped them with their education and health care. She had a special bond with a girl named Esther, whom she considered as her sixth child.

A Courageous and Hopeful Fighter

Margaret was diagnosed with PAH in 2013, after experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue. She underwent several treatments, including medication, oxygen therapy, and a lung transplant evaluation. However, none of them could cure her condition or stop its progression. She faced her disease with courage and hope, trusting in God’s plan and purpose for her life.

She also used her illness as an opportunity to share her testimony and encourage others who were going through similar struggles. She also spoke at various events and churches, spreading awareness and raising funds for PAH research and Sixty Feet.

A Legacy of Grace and Joy

Margaret passed away peacefully at her home, surrounded by her family and friends. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered in Uganda, where she felt a strong connection and calling. She is survived by her husband, Thomas, her five children, her parents, William and Mary Farr, her siblings, William, Dorsey, and Mary Elizabeth, and many nieces and nephews.

Margaret’s life and death touched many people, who expressed their condolences and tributes on social media and in the press. They described her as a beautiful, gracious, and joyful woman, who lived fully and loved deeply. They also celebrated her faith, service, and legacy, which will continue to inspire and bless others.