Lucky Miller Cause of Death: The Mystery Behind a Police Chief’s Murder

Lucky Miller was the police chief of Mannford, Oklahoma, who was killed on November 10, 2019, in a hotel room in Pensacola Beach, Florida. His death was a shock to his family, friends, and community, who remembered him as a dedicated, friendly, and caring leader. But what was Lucky Miller’s cause of death? And who was responsible for his murder? Here is what we know so far.

The Fatal Altercation with His Detective

According to the police, Lucky Miller was in Florida to attend a law enforcement conference with his detective, Michael Patrick Nealey, who was also his close friend. The two men were staying in the same hotel room at the Hilton Pensacola Beach hotel. On the night of November 10, 2019, around 9:50 p.m., the hotel security received multiple complaints about noise and fighting from their room. When a security guard entered the room, he found Nealey sitting on top of Miller, who was lying on the floor, unresponsive and bleeding from his face. The guard pulled Nealey off Miller, and called 911

The police arrested Nealey and charged him with second-degree murder. He was held in the Escambia County Jail without bond. The police did not reveal the motive or the cause of the altercation, but they said that both men were heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident. The autopsy report showed that Miller died from blunt force trauma to the head, strangulation, and smothering.

The Shocking Trial and Verdict

Nealey pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, and his trial began on March 29, 2021. His defense attorney argued that Nealey had no reason or intention to kill Miller, and that the incident was a tragic accident that resulted from a drunken scuffle. He also suggested that there might have been a third person involved in the fight, or that Miller might have had a medical condition that contributed to his death.

The prosecution, however, presented evidence and testimony that showed that Nealey was the aggressor and the killer. They played the 911 call, in which the security guard said that he saw Nealey on top of Miller, and that Miller was not breathing. They also showed photos and videos of the hotel room, which was in disarray, with blood stains, broken furniture, and alcohol bottles. They called the forensic pathologist, who testified that Miller’s injuries were consistent with being beaten, strangled, and smothered.

On March 30, 2021, after less than two hours of deliberation, the jury found Nealey guilty of second-degree murder. On April 29, 2021, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He maintained his innocence, and said that he did not remember what happened that night.

A Legacy of Service and Love

Lucky Miller was born on June 22, 1975, in Big Rapids, Michigan. He moved to Oklahoma in 1995, and joined the Mannford Police Department in 2007. He became the police chief in 2008, and served in that position until his death. He was known for his professionalism, integrity, and compassion. He was involved in various community projects and events, and was well-liked and respected by his colleagues and citizens.

Miller’s death was mourned by his family, friends, and community, who held a memorial service for him on November 16, 2019, at the Mannford High School. They shared their memories and stories of Miller, and honored his life and legacy. They also expressed their anger and grief at the senseless violence that took his life, and called for justice and peace.

Miller’s family also started a GoFundMe campaign to help with the funeral and other expenses. They raised over $40,000 from more than 500 donors. They also received support and donations from various law enforcement agencies and organizations, as well as from the public

Lucky Miller’s cause of death was a tragic end to a distinguished and honorable career. He was a victim of the violence that sometimes affects even those who protect and serve. He was also a victim of a betrayal by someone he trusted and cared for. He will always be remembered as a loyal and loving leader, and his spirit will live on in the hearts of his family and friends. We hope that his family and loved ones will find peace and comfort in this difficult time.