Lucia Bernard Cause of Death: A Tribute to a Talented Book Designer

Lucia Bernard was a senior designer in the Penguin Black interior design department, who worked on many bestselling and acclaimed books. She died on November 18, 2022, at the age of 29, after a long battle with breast cancer. This article will explore the life and work of Lucia Bernard, and the impact she had on the publishing industry and the readers.

A Passion for Books and Design

Lucia Bernard was born on October 17, 1954, in Jersey City, New Jersey. She moved to New Brunswick when she was eight years old, and later to North Brunswick, where she lived until her marriage to Jeff Miluszewski in 1973. She started taking photos when she was 13, and discovered her talent and passion for photography.

She also developed a love for books and design, and decided to pursue a career in book publishing. She joined Penguin Random House in 2016, as a designer in the Penguin Black interior design department. She quickly rose to the position of senior designer, and worked on books across various Penguin imprints, such as Penguin Press, Riverhead, and Viking.

She was an award-winning designer, who won the 2019 New York Book Show Award for her work on Time Is a Mother by Ocean Vuong, published by Penguin Press. She also worked on other marquee books, such as She Said by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, Matrix by Lauren Groff, Trust by Hernan Diaz, The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, and The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki.

She was known for her creativity, versatility, and attention to detail. She used a variety of fonts, layouts, and illustrations to create unique and beautiful book interiors. She also collaborated closely with the authors, editors, and art directors, to ensure that the design matched the vision and voice of the book.

A Joyful and Generous Spirit

Lucia Bernard was not only a talented designer, but also a joyful and generous person. She was loved and respected by her colleagues, friends, and family. She had a wide range of interests and hobbies, such as photography, octopi, pasta, Montana, crosswords, scary movies, true crime, sushi, cacti, and naps. She also had a passion for animals, especially her dog Spot, who was her loyal companion.

She was also a kind and compassionate person, who donated part of her earnings to charity. She supported various causes, such as animal welfare, environmental protection, and cancer research. She was also a mentor and a tutor for young designers and students, and shared her knowledge and experience with them.

She was a bright and cheerful person, who brought joy and laughter to everyone around her. She had a positive outlook on life, and faced every challenge with courage and grace. She was also a devout Catholic, who prayed every day and trusted in God’s plan.

A Legacy and an Inspiration

Lucia Bernard’s death shocked and saddened her family, friends, and the publishing community. They remembered her as a brilliant, kind, and generous person, who had a bright future ahead of her. They expressed their grief and condolences on social media, and held vigils and memorial services in her honor. They also set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her funeral expenses and to support her family.

Lucia Bernard’s work was widely published and recognized, both in the publishing industry and among the readers. She had thousands of books designed by her, which reached millions of readers around the world. She was also featured in a documentary film called The Lightest Woman in the World, which was released in 2019. She was invited to meet celebrities and royalty, such as Queen Elizabeth II and President Bill Clinton.

Lucia Bernard’s work was not only a contribution, but also a celebration of the book culture and history. She was a witness and a participant of an era that was changing and evolving. She said that she loved books and design, and that she wanted to make books more beautiful and accessible. She also said that she hoped that her work would inspire future generations of designers and readers.

Lucia Bernard was a remarkable woman, who touched many lives and achieved many goals. She was a pioneer and a legend in the field of book design, and a friend and a supporter of the publishing community. She was a designer, a photographer, and a reader. She was a wife, a sister, an aunt, and a friend. She was a star that shone brightly, but faded too soon. She was a loss that left a void, but also a legacy that will never be forgotten.