Lillian Del Duca Cause of Death: The Mystery Behind the Mafia Wife’s Demise

Who was Lillian Del Duca?

Lillian Del Duca was the wife of Anthony Casso, a notorious mobster who was the underboss of the Lucchese crime family in New York. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1942, and married Casso in 1960. They had three children together, and lived a lavish lifestyle funded by Casso’s criminal activities. Lillian Del Duca was loyal and supportive of her husband, even after he became a fugitive from the law in 1990. She died in 2005, at the age of 62.

How did Lillian Del Duca die?

The official cause of death of Lillian Del Duca is unknown. According to her obituary, she died on February 28, 2005, in Brooklyn, New York. She was buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery, in the same plot as her husband, who had died in prison in 2017. However, some sources claim that Lillian Del Duca died of a heart attack, while others suggest that she was murdered by the mafia. The reason for the discrepancy and the secrecy surrounding her death is unclear.

What was the motive for Lillian Del Duca’s murder?

If Lillian Del Duca was indeed murdered, there could be several possible motives. One of them is that she was killed by the mafia as a revenge for her husband’s betrayal. Anthony Casso was known as a ruthless and violent mobster, who was involved in numerous murders, extortions, and racketeering. He was also a major drug trafficker, who supplied heroin and cocaine to the streets of New York. In 1990, he was indicted on multiple charges, and became a fugitive. He was captured in 1993, and agreed to become a government witness, in exchange for a reduced sentence. However, he later reneged on his deal, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. His cooperation with the authorities exposed many secrets and crimes of the Lucchese family, and angered many of his former associates. Some of them may have wanted to take revenge on him, by killing his wife.

Another possible motive is that Lillian Del Duca was killed by the FBI, as part of a cover-up. Anthony Casso had claimed that he had paid bribes to several FBI agents, who had provided him with information and protection. He also alleged that some of the agents had participated in murders and robberies with him. These accusations were never proven, and were dismissed by the FBI as lies. However, some conspiracy theorists believe that the FBI had a role in Lillian Del Duca’s death, in order to silence her and prevent her from revealing any evidence that could implicate the agents.

What is the truth about Lillian Del Duca’s death?

The truth about Lillian Del Duca’s death may never be known, as there is no official confirmation or investigation of her cause of death. She may have died of natural causes, or she may have been a victim of a mafia hit or a government conspiracy. Her death remains a mystery, and a source of speculation and controversy. She will be remembered as the wife of one of the most infamous and feared mobsters in American history, and as a woman who stood by him until the end.