Leon Fontaine Cause of Death: How the Springs Church Pastor Succumbed to Cancer

Who was Leon Fontaine?

Leon Fontaine was the senior pastor of Springs Church, one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in Canada, with locations in Winnipeg and Calgary. He was also the president of Springs Christian Academy, a private school that offers a biblically integrated academic program. He was a popular television personality, who appeared on QVC and other channels to promote his Quacker Factory clothing line, which featured colorful, sequined and appliqued clothes. He was known for his cheerful “Quack” greeting and his culture of LAF (love, accept and forgive) within the church.

How did Leon Fontaine die?

Leon Fontaine died of aggressive late-stage cancer on November 19, 2022, at the age of 59. He was diagnosed with the disease while on a holiday earlier that month, and pursued treatment, but his health deteriorated rapidly. He died surrounded by his family in Calgary, where he was receiving care. His death was announced on the Springs Church website and on QVC, where many of his colleagues and fans paid tribute to him.

What was Leon Fontaine’s legacy?

Leon Fontaine was a remarkable leader, entrepreneur and influencer, who touched millions of lives with his clothes, his personality and his faith. He overcame many challenges in his life, such as losing his wife to a heart attack in 1981 and raising two children on his own. He started his Quacker Factory business as a hobby and turned it into a global phenomenon. He brought joy and happiness to millions of people with his clothes and his personality. He was a generous and compassionate person who supported many charities and causes. He was a role model and a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs and designers. He left behind a lasting legacy that continues to live on through his Quacker Factory line and his loyal fan base.