Leo and Longevity Cause of Death Reddit: The Unsolved Mystery of the Fitness YouTuber’s Demise

Leo and Longevity was a popular fitness YouTuber who had over 100,000 subscribers on his channel. He was known for his controversial and informative videos on topics such as performance-enhancing drugs, nootropics, biohacking, and longevity. He was also a friend and collaborator of Dr. Tony Huge, another controversial figure in the fitness industry. He passed away on May 17, 2021, at the age of 36, under mysterious and suspicious circumstances. His death sparked a lot of speculation and debate on Reddit and other social media platforms, as many of his fans and followers tried to find out the truth behind his demise. But what was the cause of his death? And what led to his disappearance?

A Disappearance in Thailand

Leo and Longevity, whose real name was Leo Rex, had been living in Thailand for several months before his death. He had moved there with his wife, Lucie, and their two children, to pursue his passion for diving and exploring the ocean. He had also been working on several projects with Dr. Tony Huge, who was also based in Thailand. According to Lucie, Leo had been happy and healthy in Thailand, and had no reason to harm himself or to be harmed by anyone.

However, on May 17, 2021, Leo went missing. He had left his apartment in Pattaya, a city on the east coast of Thailand, to meet up with Dr. Tony Huge and some other friends. He never returned. Lucie reported him missing to the local police, and contacted Dr. Tony Huge to find out what had happened. Dr. Tony Huge claimed that he had last seen Leo at a hotel in Bangkok, where they had spent the night after attending a party. He said that Leo had left the hotel early in the morning, and that he had no idea where he had gone.

Lucie was skeptical of Dr. Tony Huge’s story, and suspected that he was hiding something. She also received a message from an anonymous source, who claimed that Leo had been killed by Dr. Tony Huge and his associates, and that his body had been disposed of. She shared this message on her Instagram account, and asked for help from anyone who had information about Leo’s whereabouts. She also contacted the FBI and the US Embassy in Thailand, and asked them to intervene in the case.

A Body Found in a Bathroom

On May 19, 2021, two days after Leo went missing, his body was found in a bathroom of a hotel in Bangkok. The hotel staff had noticed a foul smell coming from the room, and had called the police to investigate. The police found Leo’s body lying on the floor, with a string tied around his neck. They also found several syringes, pills, and vials in the room, which they suspected were drugs. They initially ruled Leo’s death as a suicide, and said that he had hanged himself with the string.

However, Lucie and many of Leo’s fans and followers were not convinced by this explanation. They pointed out several inconsistencies and anomalies in the police report, such as:

  • The string that was used to hang Leo was too thin and weak to support his weight, and it was not attached to anything in the bathroom.
  • The position of Leo’s body was inconsistent with a hanging, as he was lying on the floor, and his head was not tilted back.
  • The bathroom door was locked from the inside, and there was no sign of forced entry or struggle in the room.
  • The hotel staff had not seen or heard anything suspicious in the room, and had not checked on Leo for two days, despite the hotel policy of checking on guests every day.
  • The hotel room was registered under a fake name, and the CCTV footage of the hotel lobby was missing or corrupted.
  • The hotel was located near the airport, and far from the hotel where Dr. Tony Huge had claimed to have seen Leo last.

Lucie and many of Leo’s fans and followers suspected that Leo had been murdered, and that his death had been staged as a suicide. They also suspected that Dr. Tony Huge and his associates were involved in the murder, and that they had bribed or threatened the police and the hotel staff to cover up the crime. They demanded a thorough and independent investigation into Leo’s death, and asked for justice for Leo.

A Mystery Unsolved

Despite the public outcry and the media attention, Leo’s death remains unsolved. The Thai police have not released any further details or updates on the case, and have not confirmed or denied any of the theories or rumors that circulated online. The FBI and the US Embassy have not commented on the case, and have not revealed if they have conducted their own investigation. Dr. Tony Huge has denied any involvement in Leo’s death, and has claimed that he was a friend and a mentor to Leo. He has also accused Lucie and some of Leo’s fans and followers of spreading lies and conspiracies about him, and of trying to tarnish his reputation.

Lucie and many of Leo’s fans and followers have not given up on finding the truth behind Leo’s death. They have continued to share their findings, opinions, and questions on Reddit and other social media platforms, and have tried to keep Leo’s memory alive. They have also expressed their grief and their admiration for Leo, who they remembered as a talented and passionate person, who had a lot to offer to the world. They have hoped and prayed that Leo’s soul would rest in peace, and that his killers would be brought to justice.