Len Wickwar Cause of Death: The Story of the Most Prolific Boxer in History

Who was Len Wickwar?

Len Wickwar was a British boxer who fought between 1928 and 1947, mostly as a lightweight. He holds the record for the most verified professional fights in boxing history, with 473 bouts and 4,020 rounds. He also won 342 fights, including 93 by knockout. He was born in Leicester, England, on March 11, 1911, and started his boxing career at the age of 17.

How did Len Wickwar die?

Len Wickwar died on June 1, 1980, at the age of 69, from natural causes. He had retired from boxing in 1947, after his last fight against Danny Cunningham, which he lost by knockout. He lived in the New Parks area of Leicester and worked as a packer and labourer for a local engineering company

Why is Len Wickwar cause of death a remarkable topic?

The death of Len Wickwar marked the end of an era for boxing, as he was the last surviving boxer from the pre-war period. He was also a legend in the sport, as he had fought more times than any other boxer in history, and had faced some of the best fighters of his generation, such as Eric Boon, Jimmy Walsh, and Dave Crowley. He had also fought in various weight classes, from flyweight to welterweight, and had challenged for the British lightweight title twice,

What are the achievements of Len Wickwar?

Len Wickwar had many achievements in his boxing career, some of which are:


Len Wickwar cause of death was a natural and peaceful one, but his life was an extraordinary and adventurous one. He was a boxing phenomenon, who had fought more than anyone else in the history of the sport, and had left a lasting legacy. He was a true champion, who had overcome many challenges and hardships, and had entertained and inspired many people.