Kindal Kivisto Cause of Death: The Mysterious Disappearance and Death of a Tattoo Artist

Kindal Kivisto was a 29-year-old tattoo artist who owned the Fancy Rabbit Art Collective in McMinnville, Oregon. He was also a father of three and a husband to Victoria Ward. He went missing on October 23, 2015, after spending the night with friends in Tigard, Oregon. His disappearance sparked a massive search effort by his family, friends, and the community, but no trace of him was found for more than two months. On January 8, 2016, his body was discovered in Tigard, not far from where he was last seen. His death was a shock and a tragedy for his loved ones and his fans, who remembered him as a talented and passionate person. But what was the cause of his death? And what led to his disappearance?

A Difficult Time in His Life

According to his wife, Victoria, Kindal had been going through a difficult time in his life before he vanished. He was a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, who had checked himself into rehab four years earlier. He had also been struggling with his marriage, and he and Victoria had decided to take some time apart. They had been together for five years and married for three, and they shared a 2-year-old son. Kindal also had an 8-year-old son from a previous relationship, and was a stepfather to Victoria’s 6-year-old daughter. He loved his children and was a devoted father, but he also had his demons.

Victoria told Dateline NBC that Kindal had been staying with friends in Tigard, a suburb of Portland, during their separation. He was last seen by his friends on the night of October 22, 2015, when he went to bed. The next morning, he was gone. His phone records showed that he had contacted another friend around 4:30 a.m. to meet up and get some of his belongings from his car. He then left on foot and told his friend not to follow him. He sent his last text message to the mother of his oldest son at 5:45 a.m. After that, his phone went silent.

Victoria said that Kindal was in a bad mental state and she was worried about what might have happened to him. She said that he had been depressed and suicidal in the past, and that he had relapsed into drug use a few times. She also said that he had enemies in the tattoo industry, and that he had received threats from some of them. She did not rule out the possibility of foul play, but she also feared that he might have harmed himself.

A Massive Search Effort with No Results

Kindal’s disappearance triggered a massive search effort by his family, friends, and the community. They created a Facebook group called “Finding Kindal Kivisto”, where they shared updates, tips, and stories about him. They also organized search parties, flyers, billboards, and fundraisers to raise awareness and money for the cause. They contacted the police, the media, and anyone who might have information about his whereabouts. They hoped and prayed that he was still alive and that he would come home soon.

However, their efforts yielded no results. No one had seen or heard from Kindal since he left his friend’s house in Tigard. No clues or evidence were found to indicate where he went or what happened to him. His car, his wallet, his keys, and his phone were all left behind. He seemed to have vanished without a trace.

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office, which had jurisdiction over his case, said that they were actively investigating his disappearance, but they did not release any details or updates to the public. They did not confirm or deny any of the theories or rumors that circulated online, such as that Kindal had run away, that he had overdosed, that he had been killed, or that he had been involved in some kind of criminal activity. They simply said that they were following all leads and that they needed the public’s help to find him.

A Sad and Mysterious End to His Life

On January 8, 2016, more than two months after he went missing, Kindal’s body was found in Tigard, not far from where he was last seen. The Tigard Police Department confirmed his identity and said that there were no signs of foul play. They did not reveal the exact location or condition of his body, or how long he had been dead. They said that they were working with the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and the medical examiner to determine the cause and manner of his death.

Kindal’s family and friends were devastated by the news. They expressed their grief and their gratitude for the support they had received on social media. They said that they were relieved to have some closure, but they were also heartbroken and confused by his death. They wondered how he had died, and why he had disappeared in the first place. They said that they wanted to honor his life and his legacy, and that they would always remember him as a loving and talented person.

Kindal was known for his passion and his skill as a tattoo artist. He had a unique style and a loyal clientele. He had also appeared on several episodes of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, where he showcased his love for the ocean and his interactions with sharks. He was an adventurous and creative spirit, who had a positive impact on many people’s lives. He will be missed by his family, his friends, and his fans.