Jose Arguelles Cause of Death: The End of a Mayan Visionary

Who was Jose Arguelles?

Jose Arguelles was an American author, artist, and scholar who was fascinated by the ancient Mayan civilization and its calendar system. He was the co-founder of the Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time, two organizations that promoted a new way of living in harmony with nature and the cosmos. He was also the initiator of the Harmonic Convergence, a global meditation event that took place in 1987, and the creator of the Dreamspell calendar, a modern adaptation of the Mayan calendar that he claimed was more accurate and universal.

What did he teach?

Arguelles believed that the Mayan calendar was not only a way of measuring time, but also a tool for understanding the evolution of consciousness and the cycles of history. He claimed that the Mayan calendar had a hidden code that revealed the destiny of humanity and the planet, and that it was synchronized with a larger galactic cycle that was about to end in 2012. He predicted that this would be a time of great transformation and awakening, and that humanity would enter a new era of peace and harmony.

Arguelles also taught that the current calendar system, based on the Gregorian calendar and the 12-month year, was artificial and distorted, and that it caused many of the problems and conflicts in the world. He proposed a new calendar system, based on the 13-moon year and the 28-day month, that he said was more natural and aligned with the rhythms of nature and the human body. He called this the Thirteen Moon Calendar, and he urged people to adopt it as a way of restoring balance and harmony in their lives and in the world.

How did Jose Arguelles die?

According to his publisher and his foundation, Jose Arguelles died on March 23, 2011, in Australia, where he was living at the time. He was 72 years old.

What is Jose Arguelles’ legacy?

Jose Arguelles’ legacy is a controversial one, as he was praised by some for his visionary and creative contributions to the New Age movement, but criticized by others for his pseudoscientific and conspiratorial claims. His books, translated into many languages, have influenced many people who are interested in the Mayan culture and the 2012 phenomenon. His calendar reform proposal has also gained some followers, who celebrate the Day Out of Time on July 25, the last day of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, as a day of peace and art.

Arguelles’ life and death reflect his passion and dedication to his mission, as well as the challenges and risks of pursuing an alternative and unconventional path. He was a pioneer and a prophet, who sought to bring a new vision and a new hope to a troubled world.