Jimmy Kirkpatrick Cause of Death: The Tragic Truth Behind Mike Tyson’s Father’s Death

Jimmy Kirkpatrick is best known as the father of Mike Tyson, a former American boxing champion. Although Jimmy Kirkpatrick is frequently claimed to be Mike Tyson’s biological father, his birth certificate lists Percell Tyson, a Jamaican-born, as his father. Jimmy Kirkpatrick abandoned the family when Mike Tyson was just two years old, and Mike Tyson never had a close relationship with him. Jimmy Kirkpatrick passed away three decades ago, but his cause of death remains a mystery to this day.

Who was Jimmy Kirkpatrick?

Jimmy Kirkpatrick was born in 1924 in North Carolina, United States. He was a talented baseball player and a notorious womanizer. He moved to Brooklyn, New York, in the 1950s, where he met Lorna Smith, Mike Tyson’s mother. They had a brief affair, and Lorna Smith gave birth to Mike Tyson in 1966. However, Jimmy Kirkpatrick did not acknowledge Mike Tyson as his son, and left the family soon after. He had several other children from different women, including Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick, Rodney Tyson, and Denise Tyson.

Jimmy Kirkpatrick lived a troubled life, and was involved in various crimes and legal issues. He was arrested several times for assault, robbery, and drug possession. He also struggled with alcoholism and gambling addiction. He had a few attempts to reconnect with Mike Tyson, but they were unsuccessful. Mike Tyson once said that he hated his father for abandoning him and his mother, and that he only wanted his money.

How did Jimmy Kirkpatrick die?

Nothing has been said about the cause of his death until today, but he passed away on October 28, 1992, at the age of 68, in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA. He was buried and honored at Rosedale and Rosehill Cemetery in Linden, Union County, New Jersey, USA. Tyson suffered a disastrous personal setback two years later. He lost his only sister, Denise Tyson, only a few weeks after losing the heavyweight world title to Buster Douglas.

Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s death was not widely reported by the media, and Mike Tyson did not publicly comment on it. Some sources suggest that Jimmy Kirkpatrick died of natural causes, while others speculate that he was killed by someone he owed money to. However, there is no official confirmation or evidence to support either claim. Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s cause of death remains a mystery, and perhaps a painful one, for Mike Tyson and his family.


Jimmy Kirkpatrick was the father of Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers of all time. However, he was not a good father, and he abandoned Mike Tyson and his mother when Mike Tyson was just a toddler. Jimmy Kirkpatrick lived a troubled and turbulent life, and died in 1992, leaving behind many unanswered questions. Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s cause of death is still unknown, and it may never be revealed. Jimmy Kirkpatrick’s life and death are a tragic example of how fame and fortune do not always bring happiness and peace.