Jessica Youmans Cause of Death: The Tragic Story of the Kidnapper and Comedian

Jessica Youmans, a former comedian and kidnapper who was involved in a violent home invasion in 2015, died on November 15, 2021, at the age of 38. Her death came just a few days after she was sentenced to six years in prison for her role in the crime. Her death was ruled as natural, but the exact cause of her death is still unknown. Here is a brief overview of her life, career, and the events that led to her downfall and demise.

From Comedy to Crime

Youmans was born in Belleville, Ontario, on June 18, 1983. She had a passion for comedy and performing since she was a child. She attended Loyalist College and studied broadcasting. She also worked as a radio host, a stand-up comedian, and an actress. She appeared in several comedy shows and festivals, such as the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Halifax Comedy Festival, and the Just for Laughs Festival. She was known for her witty and sarcastic humor, and her ability to make fun of herself and her life experiences.

However, behind her cheerful facade, Youmans was struggling with personal and financial problems. She was a single mother of two children, who she lost custody of due to her drug addiction and mental health issues. She also had a gambling debt of over $100,000, which she owed to a loan shark named Spencer. She was desperate to pay off her debt and get her life back on track.

In January 2015, she decided to join Spencer and two other men in a plan to kidnap and rob a wealthy man named Stanley McGovern, who lived in Marmora, Ontario. Spencer claimed that McGovern owed him money and that he had a stash of cash and drugs in his home. Youmans agreed to pose as a delivery person and lure McGovern to open the door, while the others would force their way in and take what they wanted.

However, the plan went horribly wrong. McGovern resisted and fought back, and the intruders brutally beat him up, leaving him with serious injuries, including a broken eye socket, a fractured skull, and a brain bleed. They also tied him up, gagged him, and threatened to kill him. They ransacked his home, but found no money or drugs. They fled the scene, leaving McGovern for dead.

Arrest and Conviction

The police soon tracked down and arrested the four suspects, including Youmans. They were charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, robbery, and forcible confinement. Youmans pleaded guilty to kidnapping, while the others pleaded guilty to various charges. She admitted that she was involved in the scheme, but claimed that she did not know that it would turn violent. She also expressed remorse and apologized to McGovern and his family.

During her sentencing hearing, Youmans begged for mercy and asked for a lenient sentence. She said that she was sorry for any suffering she had caused, and that she wanted to change her life and be a better person. She also said that she had been clean from drugs for two years, and that she had been working as a peer support worker and a motivational speaker. She asked for a conditional sentence that would allow her to serve her time in the community, rather than in prison.

However, the judge rejected her request and sentenced her to six years in prison. The judge said that Youmans’ crime was “violent and reckless”, and that she showed a “callous disregard” for McGovern’s life. The judge also said that Youmans’ role in the crime was “essential and pivotal”, and that she had betrayed McGovern’s trust. The judge said that a prison sentence was necessary to denounce and deter such crimes, and to protect the public.

Death and Legacy

Youmans died on November 15, 2021, just a few days after she was sentenced. She was found unresponsive in her cell at the Quinte Detention Centre, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of her death was natural, according to the coroner, but the exact cause of her death is still unknown. An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of her death.

Her death shocked and saddened her family, friends, and fans, who remembered her as a talented and funny comedian, and a loving and caring mother. They also said that she was a victim of her own addiction and desperation, and that she deserved a second chance. They said that she had a lot of potential and that she had a positive impact on many people’s lives.

Her death also sparked a debate about the justice system and the prison system, and whether they are fair and effective in dealing with people who have mental health and addiction issues. Some people argued that Youmans’ sentence was too harsh and that she should have been given more support and treatment. Others argued that Youmans’ sentence was justified and that she had to face the consequences of her actions.

Jessica Youmans was a complex and controversial figure, who had a remarkable and tragic story. She was a comedian and a kidnapper, a mother and a criminal, a victim and a perpetrator. She had a successful and promising career, but she also had a dark and troubled life. She died unexpectedly and too soon, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and sorrow. Her cause of death was natural, according to the coroner, but her life was anything but. She will be missed and remembered as one of the most fascinating and polarizing personalities of her time.